Romeo and Juliet, Cause and Effect

Romeo and Juliet, Cause and Effect

Romeo and Juliet Cause and Effect Were Romeo and Juliet actually “star-crossed” fans? Some individuals may argue both ways on this topic, and there might be arguments each method. You would believe just bad things could arise from love between the 2 most despiteful families ever heard of, and I also believe only bad things could result from this love Romeo and Juliet were horribly in love despite the fact that they were both in opposite sides of the Capulet– Montague historic fight. The prologue even specifies, “A pair of star- crossed enthusiasts take their life”.

So, we know this doomed love will take their lives. But, will they be the only casualties of this disliked love? Among the people this doomed love influenced, probably more than anyone else, was Romeo himself. Knowing she was a Capulet and that there like would never ever exercise made him depressed and always crying and whimpering. Likewise, he was then more discouraged when he killed Juliet’s cousin that she liked quite. He was so miserable he when attempted to kill himself in Friar Lawrence’s cell in front of Nurse, and Friar Lawrence.

So, Friar Lawrence stated, “Hold thy desperate hand. Art thou a man? Thy form weeps out thou art; Thy tears are womanish,” essentially informing Romeo he requires to stop what he’s doing and imitate a man and stop crying all the time like a female. Ultimately, however, the love of Romeo and Juliet eliminated Romeo when he remained in the Capulet tomb with the “dead” Juliet. She didn’t get up precisely when planned so he immediately killed himself, believing he was doing it for her while saying, “Here’s to my love! O real apothecary! Thy drugs fast.

Therefore with a kiss I die.” But, do you actually believe this love only cost Romeo’s life? This doomed love likewise spoiled Juliet in numerous methods. First of all, this love made Juliet hatred from her family since they informed her she was going to wed Paris, but undoubtedly she had somebody different in mind. So, she declined to listen to their wishes so she could run away with Romeo, her love. This made her moms and dads so mad her Daddy, Lord Capulet, nearly disowned her when she refused to listen to his marital orders.

One of the things he said while angrily ranting Juliet and calling her names was, “Hang thee, young baggage! disobedient wretch!” So, he was very hateful. And, likewise like Romeo, this doomed love also triggered her to eventually eliminate herself. This happened when she woke from her sleep in the Capulet tomb and saw Romeo’s body after he killed himself because she wasn’t awake. So, now she believed the only choice was to pass away; so she grabbed Romeo’s dagger, and impaled herself and fell on top of Romeo’s dead body.

All since she didn’t want to live without her love, Romeo. Romeo and Juliet’s hopeless love impacted other individuals as much as it affected the star-crossed enthusiasts themselves. This doomed love had a huge influence on Paris. Paris had consent from Lord Capulet to marry Juliet and had actually the wedding prepared, however clearly Juliet was in love with Romeo so that kept Paris from getting what he wished. He was heartbroken when Juliet was “dead” after taking the potion saying, “Unpleasant time, why camest thou now to murder, murder our solemnity? Which implied why did Death concern kill our events? Also, opting for the trend, the love of Romeo and Juliet cost Paris his life in the end. This occurred when Romeo and Paris took place to be at the Capulet burial place at the exact same time to see Juliet. Romeo exists to kill himself, but Paris tells him to leave. So, Romeo informs him that if he does not leave he will kill Paris to. So, Paris stays, and they fight and after the fight Paris yells while being up to the ground, “O, I am slain!

If thou be merciful, Open the burial place, lay me with Juliet.” So in the end Paris, Romeo, and Juliet all lay in the tomb- dead. Were Romeo and Juliet really “star-crossed” fans? They certainly were. There love did not help anybody in the end. The only thing there love produced was hatred, unhappiness, and deaths. Despite the fact that I only went over three individuals, their doomed love affected and cost the life of other individuals included with the households also. It’s safe to say, Romeo and Juliet’s love, was doomed at first sight.

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