Romeo and Juliet Business Letter

Romeo and Juliet Company Letter

1632 Rosalie Square Verona, Italy 54784 June 6, 1594 Lord Capulet 3798 Aria Court Verona, Italy 54784 Dear Lord Capulet: My name is ______ and the factor I am writing to you today is to notify you of the different possibilities to why perhaps Romeo and Juliet were rebellious and made risky decisions while in love. Throughout the previous decade, money has been taken into research on the teen brain, and the way it performs its functions during the teenage years of development.

Luckily to our luck, the world has actually made lots of advances in science and technology that we are now able to observe and compare the changes in distinctions of the adult, children, and teenage brains. Generally in a regular adult brain, many parts of the brain interact to make choices and decisions to force the body to act in a particular way, nevertheless, the teenage brain does not function this way (Edmonds). Specifically, the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that makes judgments, produces feelings, and makes decisions, has not been completely developed and will not be until the mid 20’s (Edmonds).

This can be among the lots of descriptions regarding why Romeo and Juliet rushed their relationship so quickly and did not be reluctant to stop and consider the effects of their actions. This proposal can also result in another tip about Romeo and Juliet’s behavior. Although the prefrontal cortex and many other sections of the brain are not completely developed till much in the future, the nucleus accumbens is developed rather well during the teenage years (Edmonds).

Scientist Molly Edmonds mentions that the nucleus accumbens in the area of the brain that seeks satisfaction or benefit (Edmonds). Both Romeo and Juliet understood that there would be horrific consequences due to their decision to get married, but their brain did not acknowledge the postponed fulfillment, and so Romeo and Juliet performed their marital relationship even after understanding the repercussions for that little moment of pleasure. Subsequently, during the age of puberty in a teen, there is usually an overproduction of cells in the brain (“Inside the Teenage Brain”).

This triggers sections in the brain to take control of smaller areas in the, and because of this, hasty decisions are made and teens typically get intensified more easily brain (“Inside the Teenage Brain”). Thus, Romeo and Juliet, being in their teenage years, could have had an overproduction of cells and may have been disobedient since of this. Edmond’s states, “This is likewise around the time when teenagers support the wheel of a car for the first time, in addition to when they may be engaging in sexual behaviors” (Edmonds).

Romeo and Juliet, although not understanding the reason being, may have had the prompts to act in a sexual way, or perhaps engage in sexual behaviors due to the fact that of their sex hormones in the age of puberty (Edmonds). Even more on, it has been scientifically shown that a regular teen’s brain absolutely does not resemble a 20 year old’s brain (National Institute of Mental Health). Among the most obvious distinctions which were seen in the scans of the brains was the amount of gray matter which was established (National Institute of Mental Health).

Scientifically speaking, scientists claim, “The scans exposed suddenly late changes in the volume of gray matter, which forms the thin, folding outer layer or cortex of the brain … Throughout childhood, the volume of noodle in the cortex boosts and after that decreases” (National Institute of Mental Health). To put it simply, the scans which were completed indicated that the parts of the brain that are liable for emotions, impulses, and making choices are the last to grow and completely grow (National Institute of Mental Health).

This research study helps show that Romeo and Juliet are not totally to be blamed for the actions they made. I am not suggesting that what Romeo and Juliet did was not their fault, but what I am attempting to say is what they did and the choices they made were not totally all their fault. The teenage years are by far the most difficult and elaborate to deal with. Simply remember, prior to entirely blaming these teens, think about what was going through their minds at the time. I value your time and effort for reading my letter. Genuinely, ___________

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