Romeo and Juliet Analysis

Romeo and Juliet Analysis

Robert Valencia Period 6/Pre-AP Eng 9 March 14, 2012 SPOTD Analysis: Romeo and Juliet Rash actions result in alarming repercussions when the actions of others are not accounted for. In William Shakespeare’s drama, The Disaster of Romeo and Juliet, the young lovers Romeo and Juliet are portrayed to be triggering havoc due to them acting rashly. The theme of acting rashly is exposed through Shakespeare’s incorporation of both tone and syntax. The style of acting rashly is represented within Juliet’s tone throughout her soliloquy. For instance, Juliet articulates, “Goodbye!

God knows when we shall reunite/ I have a faint cold fear delights through my veins” (IV. iii. 14-15). This quote displays the theme of acting rashly by revealing Juliet, reflecting upon the magnitude of her scenario, with a lamentable tone. This lamentable tone shows the audience that Juliet is acting rashly and acknowledges that reality. Since Shakespeare used a regreting tone in the character of Juliet, the audience discovers that she acknowledges her own rash actions. The syntax of the drama reveals the style of acting rashly.

For instance, Juliet states, “What if this mix do not operate at all?/ Shall I be married then tomorrow early morning” (IV. iii. 21-22). This quote illustrates Juliet asking rhetorical concerns to herself and the audience, revealing her inhibitions connecting to her rash actions. By using short, simplistic interrogative sentences, Shakespeare articulates the rashness of her actions to the audience. In summation, through the utilization of basic, effective questions, the audience comprehends the consequences of Juliet’s rash actions on a completely brand-new level.

In finality, the effects of Juliet acting rashly are magnified with every bad decision. Through the incorporation of a lamenting tone and short, simplified concerns, the theme is easily conveyed to the audience. The style of acting rashly is one that Juliet examines in her soliloquy, as she presumes regarding question her actions. All in all, acting rashly is something that, when started, is difficult to stop, as Juliet can just avoid consuming the potion, yet does so even when she is not sure of her future.

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