Romeo And Juliet Act 4 Summary – Scene Setting, Plot and Characters

Romeo And Juliet Act 4 Summary– Scene Setting, Plot and Characters

Act 4 Scene 1

Paris is in the cell of Friar Lawrence. He discusses his future wedding event with Juliet, saying that she still exceedingly grieves Tybalt and her father sensibly chose the day of wedding event for her, delaying it a bit to let his daughter calm down. However still Paris is impatient and wants Juliet to end her mourning as soon as possible and indulge in married life with him. Friar Lawrence solemnly listens, silently saying to himself that he wants he didn’t know why the wedding will be delayed … Enters Juliet. Paris talks to her, sweetly however arrogantly. Juliet is neutral and indifferent, simply advising him that they are not wed yet. Friar Lawrence asks Paris to head out, for he needs to listen to Juliet’s confession. Paris suddenly kisses her– he already considers Juliet his fiancée– and leaves.

Juliet is desperate, she is ready to pass away but not to marry Tybalt. She draws a knife and states that she is all set to kill herself right here and now. Friar Lawrence soothes her down like he relaxed Romeo previously– by saying that this spontaneous deed won’t do any better to her or to her cherished Romeo. He says that he has a plan: Juliet will pretend that she consents to wed Paris, but he will give her a strong sleeping potion, so strong that the breath of its victim stops and they appear lifeless. Juliet should take this potion before the wedding. Everyone will believe that she is dead and she will be put to rest in the Capulet tomb. Meanwhile, Friar Lawrence will send out for Romeo, he will make his method to the tomb, wake her up and they will leave to Mantua together to life without their oppressive moms and dads. Juliet happily concurs.

Act 4 Scene 2

Juliet returns home, apologizes for being so delinquent and cheerfully announces that she is all set to wed Paris. Her dad is so happy to hear it that he once again moves the date of the wedding to Wednesday. Juliet begins her preparations in her chambers, however not for the wedding as everybody believes.

Act 4 Scene 3

In the evening prior to the wedding event Juliet asks the Nurse and her mother to leave her alone to prepare and hope. When they go out, the woman takes the vial with the potion. She is reluctant for some minutes: what if Friar Lawrence provided her an actual toxin, trying to cover his traces in helping her and Romeo’s wedding event? Or what if Romeo will not manage to reach her burial place in time and she will crave genuine, driven mad from fear amongst the corpses? But ultimately Juliet gathers her courage and opens the vial. She drinks it in the name of Romeo.

Act 4 Scene 4

It is morning of the wedding. The Capulet home is decorated and prepared. Juliet’s father orders the Nurse to wake his daughter up and assist her gown. The Nurse comes to her chambers, but Juliet does not open. When she lastly enters, she sees the woman dead. The Nurse begins to wail and call the Capulets. Both of Juliet’s moms and dads increase to her room and sign up with the lament.

Quickly Paris arrives, accompanied by Friar Lawrence, the band of musicians and his servants. He is very upbeat initially but when he discovers what took place, Paris likewise signs up with the rest of the home in their sorrow. He orders to cancel whatever and mourns Juliet. Friar Lawrence disrupts, advising anybody that Juliet is now in the much better place and they need to not weep, however get ready for the correct funeral service instead.

Act 4 Scene 5

The artists collect their instruments, understanding that there will be no job here today. However Peter, among the Capulet servants, stops them, asking to play something joyful, simply to override the solemn mood in the house. The artists decline, stating that it would be improper and rude towards the departed Juliet. Offended, Peter starts to insult them. Gradually, the angered musicians begin to address, however singing their own insults instead of merely screaming them. Finally, Peter runs out of words and then leaves. The musicians decide to remain anyway, since they were assured a lunch and it should be already prepared, grieving or not.

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