Roger Lord of the Flies Roger: Character Analysis & Quotes

Roger Lord of the Flies Roger: Character Analysis & & Quotes

Roger is one of the antagonists in the unique, Lord of the Flies, and the choices that he makes have major effect on the unfolding of the story. He is presented as a somewhat developed young boy who is shy, secretive and keeps to himself. Rather than let Jack automatically end up being the leader, Roger recommends that they have a vote. This shows how at the start he was a civilized person who understood what appertained and simply to do, instead of just allowing the loudest voice to get their way.

Roger is shown to be a bully as he constantly teases the littluns by destroying their sandcastles, tossing sand in their eyes and throwing rocks at them. By Rogers own nature he actually wished to hit the kids with the stones but was kept back by society’s conditioning of his behavior and as an outcome missed out on whenever. In the hunt his real sadistic nature is more evidenced by his extreme violence towards the pig.

Roger edged past the chief, only simply avoiding pushing him with his shoulder. The yelling ceased, and Samneric ordinary looking up in quiet terror. Roger advanced upon them as one wielding an anonymous authority. (11.231 )

This all demonstrates that he had actually made a conscious choice to follow Jack rather than Ralph as this allowed him to promote his dark intentions despite the fact that he understood that this was morally incorrect. He picked to be involved in the frenzy that cause the ruthless murder of Simon and later on revealed no regret for his actions. For that reason civilization was being gotten rid of as a hindering element and Roger ended up being significantly more primitive and savage in his behaviour.

When Roger becomes aware of Jack’s intentions to beat Wilfred he rushes back to the tribe so that he can torture him himself, showing the further lost of any control society once had on him. When he was looking down at Piggy from his vantage point at Castle Rock, his only ideas about Piggy were that he was a “bag of fat”, highlighting Rogers’s now plainly obvious total absence of empathy for others. By this stage Roger is well and genuinely a savage with no more restraints of civilization and due to the fact that of this he provided into his sadistic advises and pressed the stone off the cliff, killing Piggy.

In dealing with newly captive Sam and Eric, Roger asserts authority through violence and forces them to sign up with the people and tell him of Ralph’s location, expressing his disregard for traditional authority. The next day Roger sets out with Jack on the hunt for Ralph with the objective of eliminating him and impaling him so that he can offer him to the Beast. At this moment Roger exemplifies the total breakdown of the young boys’ behaviour from a civilized

Christian background to a Pagan people. Nevertheless he is stopped absolutely in his tracks when the marine officer appears and he is dragged back to reality. In a flash the sight of a representative of civilisation from a shouting savage and has actually revived all the memories of mankind. Rogers’s decisions show how his character slowly broke down under the breakdown of order. To me Roger is a despicable and wicked character who highlights the worst aspects of humankind.

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