Response Paper on “The Yellow Wallpaper”

Response Paper on “The Yellow Wallpaper”

The Yellow Wallpaper is a story of a female’s psychological breakdown, which is revealed through an imaginative discussion with wallpaper. The relationship between the female storyteller and the wallpaper exposes the inner condition of the storyteller and also symbolically demonstrates how females are oppressed in the society. The story can be considered as a feminist text as it reflects a lady’s struggle against the patriarchal power structure. Much of the story is fixated description of the yellow wallpaper and the lady’s interaction with it.

Although the story appears to be about a lady who is experiencing mental problem but if we study the story carefully we will discover that the story is really a cry for flexibility from the bindings of the patriarchal society. Checking out the story it could quickly be said that the story is trying to depict how women are oppressed in a male controling society. The story occurred in an estate, which is isolated from the town. The estate is surrounded with protective hedges and the primary gate is always kept locked.

The narrator thinks that the protective hedges and the locked gate have separated the estate from the entire world. Simply put she has been separated from whatever. Initially the mansion where the storyteller remains looks stunning to her but later the house seems to appear like a prison to her. We discover the narrator to grumble her husband that she is sick, but her hubby who is a doctor suggest that she is suffering momentary nervous anxiety and suggest that she must take complete rest.

The narrator is especially asked not to use her creative power in writing as she has a habit of maintaining a journal. The spouse did not attempted to understand that through writing she attains psychological relief. We can observe in the story when the ladies tries to inform her spouse how she feels the partner stops her and tell that she needs to not think much all she require is rest. Like this the other half prevents the better half from expressing her inner feelings.

In the story the partner is ironically depicted to be assisting her spouse but in truth he is trapping her partner and destroying her uniqueness. From the story we discover that storyteller has been forced to reside in a room, which is covered with yellow wallpaper. The storyteller demands her husband that she wants to remain in a various room. The spouse rather of enabling her room of her option stated that she might just relocate to the basement. In this method John chooses whatever on behalf of her including what space she will remain.

As the narrators psychological condition starts to aggravate she starts to believe that there is something behind the pattern in the wallpaper. To her it appears there are females who are having a hard time to leave it, in the same method she wish to get flexibility from the restriction troubled her by her hubby. Lastly we find the storyteller tearing down the wallpaper in order to free the women confined in the wallpaper, by not listening to her hubby, which is clearly a symbol of victory. In the story Gilman has promote how the storyteller has actually gotten rid of injustice in order to develop her rights.

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