Reader Response to the Yellow Wallpaper

Reader Response to the Yellow Wallpaper

Reader Action for The Yellow Wallpaper Darlene Santangelo August 13, 2013 Vocabulary: – Derision– disapproval, disgust – Flamboyant– flashy, garish – Interminable– endless – Bedstead– hardware/woodenware on a bed – Querulous– irritable, challenging to handle Hard sentences: I always fancy I see individuals walking in these various courses and arbors, but John has actually warned me not to pave the way to fancy in the least. He says that with my creative power and practice of story-making, an anxious weak point like mine makes certain to result in all way of excited fancies, which I ought to use my will and common sense to examine the propensity.

So I attempt. (Is the storyteller being purchased from here?) John says if I don’t pick up quicker he shall send me to Dam Mitchell in the fall. (Who or what is Weir Mitchell? A health center? A physician? Is this a risk?) In the evening in any kind of light, in golden, candle light, lamplight, and worst of all by moonlight, it ends up being bars! The outside pattern I imply, and the lady behind it is as plain as can be. (We start to think that the storyteller is ridiculous after all) Characters:

The storyteller, whose name we do not know. We question if she is truly ridiculous or if there is something supernatural afoot John– the narrator’s partner and medical professional Jennie– an assistant in your house Summary: The storyteller’s hubby, John, has actually taken her to a charming nation house during the summer months. He wants to recover her of her depression by bringing her here to rest. The narrator is impressed by the charm of the old estate. John appears to be a loving however condescending husband. His likewise her medical professional.

While remaining in an upstairs bedroom, most likely chosen by John for the bars on its windows, the narrator becomes fixated on the unappealing yellow wallpaper that is on its walls. John does not desire his better half to compose or do anything at all that will trigger any sort of mental fatigue, so the narrator composes this diary of sorts in trick. As the months go by, the storyteller becomes more and more consumed with the yellow wallpaper, seeing threatening shapes moving and altering. As her mental illness worsens, she pictures she sees a lady trapped inside the paper, behind bars.

The imaginary woman in the paper starts to “creep” around attempting to get away. The narrator eventually works herself into a craze, ripping and tearing at the wallpaper. At the height of her insanity, she finally pictures that she herself is the caught lady inside the wallpaper and starts sneaking around the space herself. When John breaks down the door to the bedroom that she has actually locked from the inside, he passes out with the awareness of the storyteller’s extreme madness, forcing the storyteller to “sneak over him every time”.

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