Ralph and Simon Lord Of The Flies Characters Comparison

Ralph and Simon Lord Of The Flies Characters Contrast

In the unique ‘Lord Of The Flies’ by author William Golding, two of the characters Ralph and Simon are portrayed as being excellent characters. However, they do have their resemblances and distinctions. This essay will compare and contrast Ralph and Simon with respect to their character in addition to the distinction in their goodness.

Ralph is a young boy nearing the age of twelve years with fair hair and a well constructed structure. The fullness of his shoulders at just the age of twelve recommends that he could be a fighter in the future. He has lost most, if not all of his infant weight therefore providing him a flat stomach. Ralph’s lovely appearance is an essential factor in him becoming leader of the group along with him having the conch in his hand, which offers him much more authority.

Simon is a young boy with dark hair and is more youthful then Ralph but older then the littluns. Compared to Ralph he is thought about to be a slim kid and his frame does not look too promising for a leader if he had wished to become one.

Being chief of the group, Ralph is taken a look at as a social individual whereas Simon would be thought about to be rather anti-social. Ralph has no issue collecting with groups of individuals, sharing ideas, specifying rules and simply talking in basic.

Simon on another note does have some problem speaking out to the group of kids, sharing his concerns and would rather be alone. Evidence that supports this statement would be the truth that Simon questioned off into the jungle where he found a gorgeous area that he called his own. Throughout the novel he went back to the spot on several events when he wanted to be alone.

Ralph and Simon are both useful characters. Ralph would be referred to as practical due to the incident that happened after he had realized how the littluns were feeling. When Ralph knew that the more youthful kids were very frightened at night he wished to construct shelters to give them a short-lived home. This would assist all the young boys however most notably it would provide the littluns a sense of security thus helping them cope with their fear.

Simon would be considered practical since he too helped construct the shelters but mostly because he chose fruit that was beyond the reach of the littluns so they would not need to consume the bad fruit. Likewise, if Simon had actually succeeded in informing the kids the truth about the beast it too would be considered an act of helpfulness.

The boys have various symbols in the book. Simon is a symbol of Christ and Ralph is a symbol of management and authority. Simon would be a Christ symbol due to the closeness of the way they both died. Although Simon had not literally compromised his life like Christ had, he was trying to tell the boys the fact about the beast and alert them of the savage that prowled in all of them, which would be thought about a sacrificial death. Likewise, Simon was the ultimate excellent as was Christ.

Ralph was a sign of management and authority. He was portrayed by the boys to have the power to tell the young boys what to do in order to get rescued and was seen as the figure that would keep things in line/maintain peace among the group. Having the qualities of an excellent leader and the capability to get assistance of the young boys without utilizing worry, he was undoubtedly a sign of management and authority.

Both of the characters are thought about to be ‘excellent’ characters in the book. Nevertheless, there is a difference in what sort of goodness each has. Simon has more of a natural goodness then what Ralph is. With Simon, deep down in his body and soul he is nothing but pure goodness. In the novel, his pure goodness reveals through in spite of all the evil in the atmosphere. He was the only kid who has actually remained connected to civilization throughout the entire course of the novel; he had not converted to savagery. All of Simon’s actions recommended that his innate state was not savagery but was goodness. He had not when showed an act of savagery. Everything he did was great therefore it seemed that it came natural to him.

Ralph showed a different goodness then Simon; a goodness that did not come so natural to him. The majority of Ralph’s actions were excellent, such as developing shelters, looking after the littluns and attempting to get the group rescued. But, as he lost contact with civilization increasingly more it showed up that savagery was evolving in him. Towards completion he did provide into the evil of Jack’s tribe by going hunting, participating in the dance and even belonging of the ruthless death of Simon. Ralph’s natural state is savagery compared to Simon and any goodness that he has was taught to him through a civilized society.

After considering the points expressed above it is evident that Ralph and Simon have their resemblances and distinctions with respect to their character as well as their goodness.

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