propaganda on animal farm

propaganda on animal farm

Propaganda techniques are approaches that are used to spread concepts that support a particular cause. In George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” propaganda was an important tool used by some of the animals to obtain and preserve power. This was accomplished by basic mottos, mixing lies with the reality, and spreading worry to feel exceptional. The pigs used propaganda to further the control they already had on the farm, and Old Major used a few of its strategies in his speech resolved to the animals. A specific kind of propaganda also used in the book is called “Bandwagon Propaganda”.

It is shown in the story in the form of Fighter and the sheep constantly agreeing to recognize Napoleon as being the leader. “All Animals are equivalent, but some animals are more equal than others” (p. 114). The pigs were the smartest animals on the farm. They had the ability to encourage the other animals to concur with the concepts of Animalism. They were the brains of the transformation. When other animals discussed commitment to Mr. Jones, the pigs described to them that those ideas were contrary to the spirit of Animalism.

The pigs utilized propaganda such as telling the animals “Undoubtedly you don’t desire Jones to come back?” in order to frighten them and indirectly require them to cooperate. They likewise considered themselves exceptional to others since they had given themselves the right to take all the milk and apples. Squealer was the brilliant talker and a master manipulator. He was able to persuade all the animals that pigs do the most essential deal with the farm and therefore they needed to preserve their health. The propaganda he utilized to validate the pigs taking the milk was to reveal the pigs as unselfish.

He made the animals think and understand that although pigs didn’t even like milk, they were willing to compromise and consume it for the good of everybody on the farm (p. 16, 22-23). “Just get rid of Male, and the produce of our labour would be our own” (p. 10). Old Major was the leader of the farm, before his death. Nevertheless before he left, he transmitted to all the animals his dream about flexibility and disobedience. He used many different methods of propaganda in his speech to get his ideas throughout. He identified people as the opponent and tried to unite all the animals versus them.

He promised them that their lives would be a lot easier and they would have more flexibility, if they toppled the human beings. Finally, he taught all the animals an easy-to-remember song, “Beasts of England”, to motivate them with his concepts (p. 3-8). The propaganda he utilized to get his point across to the animals, pushed them to react. However, in spite of his good intents, the animals lost control of the power they had in their hands. “Four legs excellent, 2 legs bad” (p. 26) is a motto which is clearly easy to understand and keep in mind. The sheep in specific developed a strong liking for this stating and continued repeating it for hours.

The consistent repeating of this idea, that animals are much better than people, which was being bleated by the sheep, only served to strengthen this concept in their heads, even if they didn’t quite understand what it truly suggested. This is a good example of strong and efficient propaganda, considering that the sheep had actually been led to believe in something and as an outcome they were diffusing this message, without really comprehending the depth of what they were stating. This motto nevertheless, which was later on altered to “4 legs excellent, two legs better”, was propaganda used to reinforce the idea to the animals, that humans and pigs are better than them (p. 34). In conclusion, all the various techniques of propaganda utilized in this novel have the same goal which is to influence opinion or behavior. Although, the necessary function of all the propaganda used in the story, is to legitimize the pig’s authority in addition to increase their power, we should not lose sight of the truth that Animal Farm is an animal satire through which George Orwell indirectly assaults Russian communism. Orwell thinks that just as in his story, propaganda is commonly utilized in a communist program to spread out incorrect concepts and defend the routine.

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