Pride in the Crucible

Pride in the Crucible

The Existence of Pride in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” In Miller’s “The Crucible” the pride of the people of Salem causes a massacre of innocent lives. Pride is pleasure or elation emerging from some act, possession, or relationship. One of the primary characters, John Proctor, has pride in his beliefs of cleansing the Church of England. His partner, Elizabeth, has pride in her ability to utilize the trials as an ultimate vengeance against Abigail Williams. John Hale is the “specialist” on witches his pride springs from his substantial knowledge, but later in the play he recants and loses all his respect.

Hale is the chemical that cause the conflict to come into full speed between Elizabeth and John Proctor. Elizabeth Proctor is very first founds singing to her kids in her kitchen area in the opening of act two. This remains in contrasts with frenzy at the end of act one. Elizabeth is trying to make her husband turn in Abigail as a witch. She seems sly about it and this exposes her pride. She has pride that she is able to punish Abigail for harming her. Not this is an unjustifiable pride, however Elizabeth picks on john to do her dirty work to the point John says, “You will not judge me more, Elizabeth?.

Let you look to your own improvement prior to you evaluate your other half any longer”(act 2). The act of the allegation will prove to Elizabeth the affair is over. Elizabeth has a strong sense that she is the only one safe in the issue, for she has done no incorrect, who is to accuse her or anything? However Elizabeth’s resistance to the trials cause her to get taken to court for owning poppets, which in reality, are owned by her servant, Mary Warren. John Procter is a strong guy, who thrives at the possibility to be ideal and known. However by the end of the play he questions himself saying, “Who is John Proctor, Who is John Proctor? (act 4). The trials to John Proctor are a time of modification. When Reverend Hale goes into the town John leaves in disgust, he understands the ladies are lying. John’s pride springs from his sensation of being smarter then the remainder of the town. He was constantly discovered quarreling with Reverend Parris about unnecessary expenditures. He is stressed to speak at the trials for he would condemn himself as a lecher. His other half has her finger on his button though because after the affair, she utilizes his regret so he will guarantee to accuse Abigail. As soon as John enter the trials he is labeled as a witch and condemned to death.

However from his own pride is not able to admit. However at the very same time he does not want to die for such an absurd reason. John Hale represents the voice or authority and thinking. He seems strong and guaranteed himself that there was a whole world of witches around him at any provided time. He thinks in the churches power to be the ultimate law in the scenario at hand. This is his source of pride. He sees himself as the person concerned save the lives in the New World. As the case progresses though he begins to question himself and realizes that he had actually caused lots of deaths.

His pride is swiftly destroyed and he asks the guys and females to confess to saves their lives. “The Crucible” is a tale of how our pride blinds us and can lead us to demise. Most all of the characters overcame their pride by the end. John Proctor was like all the other characters due to the fact that his filtration was pictured to late to make a difference. His act was warranted due to the fact that he had learned to be less self-indulgent and he confessed to conserve his household name. The events served as a purification of individuals that participated in them. They entered dirty and unpure and came out as who they always were meant to be.

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