Power Struggles in Of Mice and Men

Power Struggles in Of Mice and Men

In Steinbeck’s unique, “Of Mice to Men,” a typical theme demonstrated are some major power struggles which can be primarily seen in social groups, racial groups and individuals. The time this book was composed likewise affects the power struggles in the book since it had a various views of how power must be shown. A main power struggle that can be seen in the book is with Curly and Slim. Slim’s power is kept and gotten through the treatment of others and his personality while Curly, gains his power through being in charge’s son. Slim respects and preserves his power.

He ironically demands power wherever he goes and deserves it. No one ever argues about him being the one with authority; except for Curly. Curly, on the other hand, takes part in power battle due to the fact that he believes he is the leader for having a partner and being the one in charge’s kid. Curly, abruptly demands his power through social status and actions. He knows that individuals don’t think he is the leader, so he is constantly searching for conflict to cover his insecurities, which cause his hand being ruined. He also believes he deserves respect, for being a local boxing champ.

A battle for power in a social or racial group can be seen in Crooks. Criminals the “negro stable dollar”, is always discriminated against because of his race. “Well you keep your location then, Nigger, I might get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain’t even amusing. Here, Steinbeck stresses the mistreatment of Crooks through offending language such as “Nigger”. For being black, Crooks has to have his own space while all the other white farm workers oversleep the bunkhouse. Scoundrels is not allowed in the bunkhouse. When Lennie inadvertently strolls into the room of Crooks, Crooks cruelly ridicules him about George leaving him.

Scoundrels fights his powerlessness by reading books, and concentrating in his work. However even he understands that companionship can’t be replaced. Curley’s wife also has a power battle for being a different race. Ladies were extremely limited in that time and were viewed as whores. Male didn’t like females and treated them with disgust. Curley’s partner just wanted to flirt and make some pal with the steady workers. Most of the guys thought that she was just trying to get them in problem with Curly. She is viewed as a problematic individual but she treats herself as the only female in a male environment.

When she notifications the mental abilities of Lennie, she takes it to her benefit of being able to engage with someone. She takes whatever too quickly and deliberately gets out of her convenience zone which gets herself eliminated. In conclusion, the main driving point for power struggle is loneliness. Due to the fact that of solitude, individuals want more power in order to comfortably relate to others. The time was a time of difficulty, with everybody wanting to be successful in the American Dream, which was to become rich and live luxurious. Power struggle is the battle to be in control, which can be seen in individuals, social and racial groups.

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