portrayal of athena in the odyssey

portrayal of athena in the odyssey

Ladies in the odyssey are represented in different ways, depending on whether they are mortal or divine, although there are numerous resemblances. Significant goddesses such as Athena are represented as being a watchful protector, whereas lower divine women like Calypso and Circe are seen as being more seductive. Mortal females like Penelope are portrayed as being loyal. Homer depicts Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, as being a very powerful yet caring lady; a guardian angel of sorts. She persuaded Zeus, king of the gods to totally free him from Calypso’s island. And sparkling-eyed Athena drove the matter home: ‘Dad, boy of Cronus, our high and mighty king … have you no take care of [Odysseus] in your lofty heart … why Zeus, why so dead set versus Odysseus? ‘” (pg 79). It would take a really strong willed lady to break the decisions of the king of the gods. After a long dispute, Zeus lastly gives in and releases Odysseus from Calypso’s grip. Poseidon attempts to undermine this _____ and sends a storm to postpone Odysseus on his raft. Athena steps in once again, relaxing the winds and drifting Odysseus to the island of Scheria.

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There she goes to a princess in a dream, telling her when and where to find Odysseus. In a nutshell, she gives him safe passage to Ithaca. When he gets house, Athena disguises Odysseus as a beggar man so he can spy on his partner’s numerous suitors. In the battle scene when the suitors are butchered, Athena provides Odysseus guts and strength to overcome his enemies. She is pretty much running the program in the Odyssey, however instead of take total control of Odysseus’s fate, she guides him on his adventure, functioning as his guardian angel.

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