Overcoming Obstacles in the Odyssey

Conquering Challenges in the Odyssey

When you think of a Greek heroes, Odysseus more than likely will be the very first hero to come in mind.A Greek hero is somebody who needs to have suffer during his/her life time, have the assistance of the gods/goddesses and likewise can be honored after his/her death. In the story called The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus reveals the quality of a Greek hero. He deals with numerous obstacles and harmful scenarios but nevertheless, he over comes them all. Odysseus is a Greek hero due to the fact that he has suffered during his lifetime by dealing with numerous barriers like discovering his way back house to Ithaca after the Trojan War and likewise, he was very much preferred by the gods/goddesses.
Odysseus is a Greek hero since he got rid of lots of obstacles in order to reach house. Odysseus deals with many problems throughout his journey and with his intelligence and bravery, he overcomes them all in order to discover his way home. When Odysseus and his buddies got in the land of the Cyclopes, one of the Cyclopes named Polyphemus consumed about 6-8 of Odysseus’ males and promised Odysseus that he will be conserve for last. However, Odysseus found a way to leave the Cyclopes cave with his intelligence by getting the Cyclopes intoxicated. “Now Odysseus had with a few of the red wine of Maron, and with this he made Polyphemus intoxicated; he informed him his name was No one (Uutis)” (20. 527). This presentation of how Odysseus shows himself by being able to come up with options to his challenges in order to succeed in deadly circumstances. Odysseus had to prove himself and his bravery in several events of his journey back home to his spouse and son in Ithaca. Another example will be the journey to the underworld. The underworld is said to be the “conquest of death, and the most powerful battle a hero has to deal with” (20. 529). Odysseus deals with the underworld with the guide of Circe to find the option of how he will reach home and likewise what other obstacles awaits him in your home. He utilizes his intelligence, to make certain he follows the directions of what Circe informed him. “Following the directions, Odysseus sailed with his men to the western limitation of the world. As he carried out the rituals sacrifice at the entrance to the ” (20. 530). After going into the Underworld, Odysseus faces difficulties that he must conquer in order to make it through and return house to Ithaca. For instance, his feared of Medusa turning him into stone while remaining in the underworld. He was able to prevent her raft while remaining in the underworld and this is shown by him coming out alive. It isn’t normal or anticipated for a mortal to enter into the underworld and come out alive since there isn’t any normal needs for mortals to get in the underworld in first place.With his effective make it through throughout his journey, he goes back to Ithaca to reclaim his management.
Another reason Odysseus is a Greek hero is due to the fact that he is favored by the gods and goddesses. The gods/goddesses helped Odysseus many time after Poseidon penalized Odysseus by getting him lost for about twenty years. When Odysseus’ men are turn into pigs by the goddesses called Circe, Hermes the messenger of god offers Odysseus a magical antidote herbs so he won’t turn into an animal after he consumes the fruits provide by Circe. “He come across the god Hermes who informed him how to counter Circe’s appeals and gave him a remedy the magic herb moly” (20. 529). Due to this help from Hermes, Odysseus was able to get favor from Circe. She then gave him instructions on how to go into the underworld and also, she turned his males back into human forms after his uncommon response to her fruits.
Odysseus was also assisted by the goddesses Athena and Leucothea. After 2 days and two nights under the storm struck by Poseidon, these two goddesses helped him to reach the land of Phaeacians. “After 2 days and two nights helped by the sea-goddess Leucothea and Athena, he reached land, naked, exhausted, and alone” (20.531 ). With him being susceptible and exhausted, the gods came to his recue by bring him to a land. This shows that Odysseus was helped by the gods and goddesses. Gods does not usually do prefers for mortals and thus they recognize his heroic qualities, and he can be considered a Greek hero.
Odysseus’ ability to suffer throughout his life time by dealing with many obstacles on his method back to Ithaca, and also being favored by the gods and goddesses make him a Greek hero. Throughout his entire journey back home, Odysseus reveals characteristics of Greek hero like his intelligence, strength and bravery. He showed his characteristics and after that received aid from the gods and goddesses to reach house to his partner and son. Through all his journey, Odysseus shows himself by developing services to reach house and be reunited with his household. Odysseus specifies a Greek hero because of the qualities he had in the book The Odyssey by Homer. The Odyssey was based on all the challenges he dealt with. This is very important in the past, present and future because if he had not made it back home, The Odyssey would not have the ability to teach future generation of how Odysseus overcomes his challenges.

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