Othello, Why Did I Marry?

Othello, Why Did I Marry?Encounters: Journal Entry

# 1 Othello 02/10/2011 “Why did I marry? “Lies, insecurity and maybe self-esteem are a driving force for Othello to question his truth. Othello’s judgment appears to be clouded by self doubt, for example, “By the world, I believe my other half be sincere and think she is not. I believe that thou art just and believe thou art not” (Act 3, 395 ). He understands that his spouse is loyal but he doubts of that reality. This recommends that perhaps Othello is not as confident or perfect as he was considered to be in act one,” If you do find me foul in her report […] Not just remove, however let your sentence even fall upon my life”(Act 1, 117). This proving of imperfection can just insinuate that reality in some cases might not be what we think it is because Othello had no minor doubt about Desdemona’s loyalty to him. His desire to pass away if found guilty not only solidifies his courageous character but also hints the kind of male he is; company follower of truth. Othello’s question exposes the insecurities and self doubt he has about himself.

The question appears to be a paradox about his life since it is not directed to any one in particular or to anything to that matter. At surface level the question might be in combination to his marriage to Desdemona however it is not because it causes him to even question his own character, track record and eventually his beliefs. A lie forces Othello to see reality as non-existent since one moment Iago is a villain and next moment a dearest pal who becomes a lieutenant. This abrupt disappearance of reality is a discovery to Othello’s weak self-esteem due to the fact that he

fears that”Desdemona’s extramarital relations”would ravage his credibility and therefore belittle him in the public eye, “Goodbye! Othello’s occupation’s gone”(Act 3,365). Could it be that Othello’s most significant defect is his modify ego? As he fears that his true colors are starting to be visible in the public eyes. In conclusion, it is not the present Othello is after with his question however the reality about himself.

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