Othello act 6 (imaginary)

Othello act 6 (imaginary)

? OTHELLO ACT VI (Othello and Desdemona return from the dead to the afterlife) Othello: Oh my dear Desdemona, how could I be so blind, hath that villainous serpent, Iago to plant the seed of doubt within. You and I might be together, alive and well! Desdemona: silence, my love. I trusted you, I had faith in you and I held true as my love with you. But love you, I can no longer. Otherllo: NO!! prithee please, I need you, I lust for you, you alone, are all I need. (THE DEVIL appears from concealing) Devil: all you need you state? Othello: by paradise. What foul being art thou?

Devil: by hell. Thou need to say. Othello: egads! Thou art the devil! Devil: indeed, and you Othello, I think we need to trade our wares now, occurred, we do not have throughout the day. Othello: NO, stop! What of Desdemona? Devil: she was no quarrel with me, her deeds are of innocence and pure intent, she with paradise, and you with hell. Othello: alas! I can not be apart from my love. I should be with her and she with me. Devil: all right, a difficulty if you will. If she can return your love within the next lunar cycle, then to her I launch you.

If you stop working then to me your soul shall stay. Oh, on the offside, your tongue for the function of this obstacle is MINE. Othello: (Zounds) how to portray my love without speech! (Iago appears) Iago: how now, my most humble buffoon, what ails you? Othello: you, I have no words to express popular I reduce. Iago: then speak say goodbye to. The deed is done, your life is in disarray. I have actually had my enjoyable. Othello: sorrowful dog! (Othello strikes Iago) Iago: (draws sword) how foul the mind’s occupation to strike one’s own phantom! (Iago disappears) enter Cassio) Cassio: Oh, how the fates turn in ways most unknown to see damned Othello alone, insecure. Othello: cassio! Cassio: no longer shall we speak like mortal men, I have your rank, remember? Othello: rank? How attempt you speak of rank in such ways. Tis you who is my lieutenant, always and permanently. Cassio: and tis you who is dead, constantly and forever. Othello: zounds! What be thought purpose nasty phantom to make jipes of the mad moor? To amuse your wretchedness with my rank. Cassio: I concern speak and simply that.

Iago: as do i. Othello: what? Not you once again. Iago: I hear your speech loud and clear. But shall Desdemona? Cassio: I do not believe so, his tongue is be witched by the devil, there is no solution to this. Othello: how now to like without my speech! Cassio: tis a lesson we mean to teach, I’ll do it for the love I bear to you and your spouse. Iago: I’ll do it for the delight of your further destroying your life. Othello: then it is agreed in the meantime, I am yours to lead. (go into Desdemona and Emilia) Desdemona: oh emilia, could it be? Emilia: yes my girlfriend.

Tis I yours genuinely. Desdemona: how I missed you so, If I could so reclaim the terrible sands of time, I would do so, im so sorry. (sobs) Emilia: cry not, Desdemona. Twas the boys of Adam, our other halves, who utilized us as they pleased. Desdemona: what shall we do now? In life we live to serve our bride-to-bes, however in death what much better than to stand idle, till the extremely ground on which we stand turns to dust and us with it? Emilia: to turn to dust, would take faster than to please my other, I say we enjoy ourselves as women free from their shackles.

Desdemona: however what of Othello, iago, even surely no mortal soul needs to invest a life in the devil’s domain. Never would I bring my worst enemy to the infernal gate. Emilia: Othello is worthy of what fate had dealth to him and all his villainy, let the scourge of women burn like charcoal that his skin doth match, as far Iago, I think that the sooner he goes back to airplane he was developed the better for all of us. Desdemona: how could you say such a thing! You enjoyed him. Emilia: as did he, who understood that impaling your partner wasn’t a sign of affection. Enter cassio, iago, Othello, exit Emilia, Desdemona.) Othello: we need to hurry, time is practically up, and Desdemona awaits. Iago, are you particular that she will return my affection through the act of kissing her arse? Iago: paradise’s no fool, what ridiculous tale did you picture such an act? Othello: (zounds) are you certain you are here to provide aid? Iago: (believes for a bit) no. Othello: Cassio! Cassio: well, do what your heart demands. If she firmly love thou, like thout thinks’t, then words are wind and actions resemble that glass that reveal the heart.

Othello: however what action mirrors that of real love? Cassio: however a kiss! Othello: indeed, it is concurred. Paradises she approaches. (go into Desdemona and Emilia) Othello: desde— (cassio covers his mouth) Aside cassio: oh the bad moor forgets the deal he made, a second possibility for his tongue was the trade. Desdemona: Othello, what is it? Have you concern bid me goodbye? Othello: (shakes his head and signals to come close) Desdemona: (nears) Emilia: (grabs desdemona’s arm) wait my mistress, this seems rather odd, he speaks without speech, I mistrust these actions.

Desdemona: dear Othello, speak prithee, I wish to your voice one last time. Othello: (Othello tries a kiss) Desdemona: how now Othello, unhold me prithee please! Iago: (snickers) Cassio: (whispers to Othello) my lord, maybe a more subtle technique. Othello (aside): zounds. She does not show my actions as prepared. Othello (kisses Emilia desperately) (Emilia stunned) (Desdemona in shock) Desdemona: Othello, why! My love, you could you would the heart that stayed bound to yours!? (devil appears) Devil: congratulations! Your sol is saved, to paradise with you go, the course is paved.

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