Othello, Act 5: Plot Summary

Othello, Act 5: Plot Summary

Othello Act 5, Plot Summary Outside of a whorehouse, Iago and Roderigo wait. Roderigo is preparing to assail Cassio. After a few minutes, Iago leaves the scene, even though Roderigo asks him to remain close in case something goes wrong with the ambush. Cassio then enters and Roderigo stabs at him, stopping working to pierce Cassio’s armor. Thus, Cassio protects himself and stabs Roderigo. Iago quickly returns to the scene and in the turmoil stabs Cassio in the leg and exits. Cassio, uninformed of who stabbed him, is up to the ground. Othello enters and hears Cassio’s sobs.

Therefore, he draws the conclusion that Iago has killed Cassio. Infuriated by what he thinks to be Iago’s effective vengeance, Othello runs to his bedroom to kill Desdemona. Graziano and Lodovico get in the scene and can see nothing; however they hear the weeps of Cassio and Roderigo. They fidget to help due to the fact that they believe the circumstance might be a trap. Iago then goes into the scene holding a light. Iago pretends to know nothing of the stabbing. He finds Cassio, who pleads for his aid. Then, he finds Roderigo, who he stabs immediately.

The other 2 guys can not see Igao; therefore, they are unaware of the murder. Finally, Cassio is questioned about his wounds. Upon entering the scene, Bianca cries out because she sees the wounded Cassio. Then, Iago asks Cassio about his assailant (Roderigo). Nevertheless, Cassio can not describe why and what just occurred. Iago then suggests that Roderigo was the provocateur. Nevertheless, Cassio says that he does not know Roderigo. After the interrogation, Cassio and Roderigo’s dead body are brought off phase. Emilia goes into, and Iago informs her what has simply happened.

Iago and Emilia then chastise Bianca, the owner of the house Cassio had actually consumed with that evening. Eventually, Bianca is taken under arrest and sends Emilia to tell Othello and Desdemona what has transpire. Othello gets in the bedroom and stands over his partner. He bends down to kiss her and she wakes. Then, Othello tells her to get ready for death. Horrified, Desdemona asks Othello why he will do such a deed. He reacts by stating she has been unfaithful to him with Cassio. Othello mention the scarf as evidence of her sin. She rejects the charge; however, Othello does not believe her.

He states Cassio confessed before Iago eliminated him. After hearing of Cassio’s death, Desdemona starts to cry. Hence, Othello is much more furious and smothers her as she pleads for more time. Then, Emilia calls from outside the bed room door. Othello, captured in his emotions, believes the sound is Desdemona still pleading. Therefore, he smothers her again. Othello then recognizes Emilia is at the door. Emilia comes informs Othello that Cassio has actually murdered Roderigo. Othello asks her if Cassio has passed away. She reacts that he is still alive.

Othello then recognizes that his strategy is not going well. Then, Desdemona, who is shockingly still alive, sobs out that she has actually committed suicide. She says this to secure Othello. After a minute, she passes away and Othello admits to Emilia that he killed Desdemona. Stunned, Emilia asks him why. She does on to explain Iago’s discussion and impact. She then calls for help and Montano, Graziano, and Iago get in the scene. Emilia’s allegations cause the unfolding of Iago’s atrocious strategy. Othello then throws himself upon the bed of his dead better half and begins to weep.

Graziano comments on the relief that Brabanzio, who is dead, is not here to see the deadly and of his daughter. Othello, who is still persuaded of the relationship between Cassio and Desdemona, questions how Cassio came about the handkerchief. Emilia attempts to describe; however, Iago threatens her with a sword. Graziano stops Iago, permitting Emilia to explain how she discovered the scarf and gave it to Iago. Annoyed, Othello heads for Iago with a weapon, but is disarmed by Montano. In the commotion of Othello, Iago stabs his wife and she falls down passing away.

Then, Iago flees and Montano and Graziano chase him. Othello is then left alone onstage with the two dead ladies. As he looks for a sword to kill himself, Emilia tells him that Desdemona was not unfaithful and that she liked just him. Graziano Lodovico, Cassio, and Iago go back to the scene. Outraged, Othello stabs Iago. Before he can do anymore harm, Othello is disarmed. Iago, who is wounded, declines to discuss what he has done. However, Lodovico discovers a letter in Roderigo’s pocket that exposes all the aspects of the wicked plan.

The sad Othello then asks Cassio how he found the handkerchief. Cassio says that he discovered it in his chamber. Othello is told that he should go to Venice, where he will be stripped of his power and be put to trial. Othello refuses to leave until he speaks one last time. He advises everyone of the hero he when was in their eyes. Then, he stabs himself and lies by his spouse to die. After, Lodovico tells Iago to look at the effects of his self-centered efforts. Finally, Graziano is positioned as Othello heir and Montano is put in charge of Iago’s execution. Lodovico then delegates communicate the news.

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