“Of Mice and Men” Vocabulary Words

“Of Mice and Male” Vocabulary Words

“OMAM” Vocabulary Words: Chapter 1: 1. Mottled (1)– To add variety with area or spot of colors of different shades. 2. Recumbent (1)– Leaning, inactive, idle, lying down 3. Labored– to work hard, put forth efforts in finishing 4. Stilted– Posts that support the structure of a building developed above the surface area of land or water; any of the black-and-white wading birds that has long, pink legs and a long, slender black bill. 5. Emerged– Occur to be in a view 6. Functions– An obvious, unique part of something; any part of a face 7. Specified– To set forth suggesting to 8.

Morosely– Expressing gloominess; tempered 9. Resignedly– Characterized by the act of drawing back 10. Pantomime– The art of communicating feelings mutely through gestures 11. Bindle– A package of possessions, brought by a migratory employee 12. Elaborate– Perform with minute information. 13. Bait– Food or other compounds utilize to lure fish; an attraction 14. Twinkle– A fain source of light 15. Yammered– To grumble or complain; talk constantly Chapter 2: 1. Scourges (pg 20): anything that triggers pain; pests, bugs … 2. Swamper (pg 20): a handyman; one who performs odd jobs often including cleaning. Lotion (pg 21): a medicated liquid rubbed on the skin to ease aching muscles 4. Buckers (pg 23): people who toss large bags of grain on a truck 5. Skinner (pg 22, 24): driver of a group of mules 6. Plaintively (pg 32): revealing grief 7. Mollified (pg 27): relieved, calmed 8. Pugnacious (pg 28): excited and ready to fight manner 9. Skeptically (pg 29): doubt or question something 10. Ominously (pg 30): in a threating method 11. Derogatory (pg 31): insulting 12. Tart (pg 31): a lady with loose morals; sexually unfaithful ladies 13. Contorted (pg 34): twisted out of shape 4. Bridled (pg 35): to pull one’s head back in anger or pride 15. Archly (pg 35): playfully 16. Extensive (pg 37): intense 17. Complacently (pg 38): in a satisfied or happy manner 18. Grizzled (pg 42): gray Chapter 3: 1. Derision (43)– People making fun, or making fun of, one another 2. Receptive (45)– Able and voluntarily listen to and soak up the information, new ideas 3. Rheumatism (50)– An unpleasant condition including the joints and the muscles 4. Reprehensible (66)– Something is the should have of criticism 5. Bemused (68)– Deep in thought; preoccupied 6.

Bleated (71)– A cry usually associated with a goat, sheep or calf Chapter 4: 1. Whipped– torn; damaged 2. Champing– chewing noisily 3. Meager– of low quality or low amount 4. Contemptuously– full of contempt or scorn; in a disdainful manner 5. Gone away– become less ecstatic; relax 6. Evaluated– to access or judge somebody Chapter 6: 1. Sullenly– in a dismaying and bleak way 2. Agonized– make consistent twisting, squirming motions or contortions of the body 3. Dull– dull; doing not have in variation in tone or pitch 4. Emphasis: intensity or special essential provided to something

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