Of Mice and Men Trial

Of Mice and Male Trial

The trial of George for the murder of Lenny was very made complex. It was clear to me there was no malice or premeditation in this murder case. However, justice needed to be served for the loss of life. I was the third prosecuting attorney in this case and felt the sentencing was reasonable and just. Throughout the trial there were numerous witnesses who affirmed for both the defense and prosecution. Nevertheless, couple of were of real help and did not supply strong testimony. If anything, I think the defense witnesses helped the prosecution more since most of them cared for Lenny and believed that George needs to be found guilty for what he had actually done.

The defense couldn’t provide strong evidence that proved George was safeguarding Lenny from the upset mod that wished to kill him. This enabled the prosecution to easily find George guilty of voluntary murder. After we had time to cross examine the witnesses and George, it was time for the jury to make a decision on whether George should be found innocent or guilty. His fate was now in their hands. Deliberation was quick, which generally is not an advantage for the defense. I was a little worried the jurors would feel sorry for George since Lenny was his friend, however that wasn’t the case.

The jury discovered George guilty of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced him to 12 years in jail. From the very starting I felt this would be a simple case to win, especially if the prosecution chose Murder vs. murder in the 1st or second degree. Representing the prosecution was a gratifying role and I was pleased with the results. I actually delighted in playing the function since I got to cross take a look at the witnesses and George, and make the closing argument for our side. In conclusion, I believe the trial was swift and reasonable. Although the story is awful the sentencing was proper for the criminal offense devoted.

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