Of Mice and Men Tragedy

Of Mice and Men Disaster

The death of Lennie at the end of? ® Of Mice and Male appears, initially, to be the most terrible occasion in the novel, particularly for the people straight worried, such as George and Lennie himself. Nevertheless, in real truth, the novel has lots of unfortunate individuals suffering in a world where nobody truly cares about them. The men who dealt with the ranches, the itinerant employees were sad and lonesome people. As George states? ° Men like us, who work on cattle ranches, were the most lonesome people in this world. ± They had no households and no houses.

They moved from place to place to find work. Some had dreams of owning land, however only a few dreams became a reality. They tried to save up money, but invested every thing on Saturdays. They were back to absolutely nothing on Monday once again. The majority of the ranch hands were totally alone, they had no one to talk automobile of them. George and Lennie were different. They got each other, and they took cared to each other. Although Lennie passed away, at least while he lived, he had someone who appreciated him. For a while, Candy wasn t so lonesome since he had his pet.

He had his dog because it was a puppy, they companied each other until Candy s pet dog was killed. Candy was old and handicapped, he understand if he couldn t work any longer, he would be sacked. He would be put on the county on his own. For a while, he had hope again. He could opt for George and Lennie and reside on their own farm, where there would be love and care. But when Curley s spouse passed away, his dream was gone. He understood he was going to face the truth, where as quickly as he couldn t out no bunkhouse, he would be put on the county on his own.

Sweet was a sad and old male whose life was made more terrible by the death of his old dog and Curley s spouse. Scoundrels too, was another lonely person. Unlike Candy, he was lonely since he was the only black person on the ranch. He was separated from everybody else on the ranch. He was sad and lonely as you can distinguish his words with Lennie.? ° Perhaps you can see now. You got George. You knew he was going to come back. Expect you didn t have anyone. Expect you were black. How would you like that ± Throughout the 1930s, bigotry was terrific in America.

A great deal of black men like Crooks were treated by doing this. They were separated and sad. Scoundrels was the butt of everyone s anger and jokes. He dare not retaliate since he was black. He was a sad and lonesome person in a world that doesn t care. Scoundrels was isolated because of his colour. Curley s wife was lonely because she was the only female on the ranch. She was not only lonely, but she was also unfortunate. Her factors of her sadness were she dislikes Curly, whom she wed to a fortnight back. She hates Curley due to the fact that of his jealousy and since she wasn enabled to speak to other cattle ranch hands. She had nobody to speak to due to the fact that she made a great deal of troubles. Every one disliked her. No one mourned when she passed away. Individuals thought she was no good living. And? ° You god damn tramp, ± says Candy. Individuals didn t like her, and she was sad and lonesome. Curley s wife constantly searches for individuals to talk with, but nobody liked her. George and Lennie were fortunate compared to others. They had each other. In spite of Lennie s death, the genuine terrible figures were Crooks, Curley s other half, Candy and other travelling employees.

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