Of Mice and Men: the Rise and Fall of Crooks

Of Mice and Men: the Rise and Fall of Crooks

The Rise and Fall of Crooks In chapter 4 of mice and guys, John Steinbeck first begins to actually present the character known as Crooks. He is a stable buck who is treated poorly just because of his race. Throughout Scoundrels’ time at the ranch, he is normally avoided from the other employees with the exception of Slim. This all altered nevertheless in chapter 4 when Lennie stumbles into his room looking for something to do. This naturally, resulted in the fluctuate that Crooks went through that day.

What appeared like a typical day for Crooks, developed into a really a great one which in this case is the increase of Crooks. Lennie shows up in Criminals’ entrance and talks a little with him. Initially Criminals’ is really protective and unsure of whether to act difficult or be inviting. Eventually, he permits Lennie in and the two talk for awhile. Regrettably, Lennie’s short attention span makes it hard for Criminals to start up a great conversation. (“There wasn’t another colored male on this cattle ranch an’ there’s jus’ one family in Soledad.” He chuckled. If I state something, why it’s just a nigger sayin’ it. “)(pg 70) This bold declaration that shows Crooks’ deep emotions was offered a response that didn’t even use to the situation. (Lennie asked, “The length of time you think it’ll be prior to them pups will be old sufficient to pet? “)(pg 70) Yet regardless of the stupidity of Lennie, Crooks stays enjoyable and continues to talk with Lennie. Not too long after Lennie, Candy arrives and is welcomed in. Suddenly, Crooks finds himself with 2 other employees on the ranch simply talking.

He forgets all about the discrimination he gets and is all of a sudden on top of the world. Regrettably, Crooks’ joyfulness is ended when Curley’s partner gets to the door. She begins to talk with Candy and Crooks asking where her hubby is and stress starts to grow. They begin to argue and this causes Curley’s spouse shouting and grumbling about the situation she remains in. She is stuck in a cattle ranch with simply other guys and nobody to speak with however Curley, who ignores her the majority of the time. She is asked to leave by Candy and Curley’s other half hurls insults at them as an action.

Ultimately, Crooks stands from his bunk and begins to yell back at her and orders her to leave. What happened next can only be described as the fall of Crooks. Curley’s better half goes on a rampage cursing and offending Scoundrels considerably. (“Listen, Nigger,” she stated. “You understand what I can do to you if you open your trap? “… “You know what I can do. “)(pg 80) Crooks, conscious that she could get him killed if he ever tried to pester her again, had no option however to sink back into his bunk. She yells at him more, hurling terrible remarks at him continuously and he can just sit there and not doing anything about it.

After Curley’s wife finally leaves, Crooks asks the other 2 to leave. His feelings changed drastically from happiness to suffering and embarrassment. Chapter 4 is a great example of the discrimination blacks had to deal with during this time around the earlier twentieth century. Crooks, the stable buck house was having among those days that are simply really fantastic and all it took was 2 other individuals talking to him. In the blink of an eye, his pride had actually gone even lower than before after Curley’s partner is through chewing out him. This is the Increase and the Fall of Crooks!

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