“Of Mice and Men”. The question is how does John Steinbeck tackle social issues in the novel through the use of Crooks. Includes direct quotations from the book.

“Of Mice and Male”. The concern is how does John Steinbeck deal with social issues in the book through making use of Crooks. Includes direct quotations from the book.Of Mice and Men In

the novel, Of Mice and Men, the author, John Steinbeck, takes a strong position versus numerous social concerns. Steinbeck voices his viewpoints on controversial rights such as ladies’s rights and the treatment of migrant workers. One of the bottom lines that Steinbeck addresses is his dislike for the treatment of African-Americans. He reveals his views through the hardship and turmoil of Crooks, the only African-American character in the book. Criminals is towered above by his peers and is considered inferior by most due to the color of his skin. He is constantly bothered and beaten up by his boss and those he deals with.

Additionally, Crooks is not even allowed to interact socially or enter into the living quarters of the other guys. In the unique, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, Crooks is bugged and victimized by his peers, forced to reside in a severe environment and loses his hope and faith for he future since of his race. Scoundrels is tortured and towered above by the people he deals with. He can not even, “… go into the bunk house and play rummy ’cause [he] [is] black.” However, when a year around Christmas time, “They let the nigger come in …” and beat up on him. Scoundrels is looked upon as something lower than human.

He is treated with neither self-respect nor respect. In addition, whenever the owner of the cattle ranch is angry or upset, he takes out his anger on Crooks by beating him up. He continues to bug Criminals until his anger subsides. The one in charge would not be able to do this to any other person, however, he can get away with doing this to Crooks because torturing African-Americans is accepted in their society. In the eyes of his fellow workers, Crooks is viewed as something listed below human. The environment Crooks lives in is likewise awful. Although, Crooks gets his own room, it is just since nobody wishes to share a room with him.

Also, his rooms continuously smell and there is “a manure piled outdoors [his] window.” Although, Crooks has a big collection of books, “Books ain’t no great. A guy needs someone– to be near him … a guy goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody.” He is desperate for friendship in a society that does decline him because of his race. He is cut off from the outdoors world and has no good friends with whom he can associate. Criminals, being the stable hand, has the same amount of work as everybody else, however does not get all the advantages. Unlike the others, he can not freely spend his cash in the town since he will most likely not be accepted everywhere.

Moreover, since he has an uneven back, he is looked upon as a freak. The environment in which Crooks is required to live, is really severe to him. The continuous destruction of Crooks has destroyed concealed hope and self-confidence. Crooks informs Lennie that at least he has somebody like George. Scoundrels is jealous that he has never had a true buddy and through years or hardships, thinks it impossible to make one. He goes on to inform Lennie that the majority of people have a dream however no one has the ability to achieve. This further shows the absence of faith and hope in Crooks due to the problems he has actually faced in his life.

Furthermore, whenever he talks he believes that he is simply, “a nigger talkin’ … so it do not suggest nothing. This exemplifies the reality that Crooks has accepted his low status in society and thinks in the racial injustice. Additionally, when Curley’s spouse threatens him by stating, “Well, keep your place then … I could get you strung up on a tree so simple it ain’t even funny,” Crooks, “had decreased himself to nothing … there was no personality, no ego.” Thus, he is forced to lower himself to a level so as to take the harassment by Curley’s partner. He has no will to combat back against this injustice, and no want to defend his future.

In the novel, Of Mice and Guy, by John Steinbeck, Crooks is bothered and victimized by his peers, required to live in an extreme environment and loses his hope and faith for he future due to the fact that of his race. His peers constantly bug him since of his skin color. Likewise, the environment that he resides in is degrading and the turmoil he is required to sustain is unprecedented. Scoundrels is not even thought about human by many people on the ranch. Through all the difficulties he deals with, Crooks even loses his expect the future. Through the discrimination of Crooks by his fellow employees, Crooks ends up being a damaged man.

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