Of Mice and Men Questions

Of Mice and Guy Concerns

|2000|||| Of Mice and Guy reveals us that people can be terrible, or kind, or often a mix of both.|||| Compare three characters.|||Blog about:|||| The ways in which the different characters are harsh, kind, or a mixture of both|| Why they act as they do|| How you react to them|| How Steinbeck writes about them to make you respond in this way.|| 2001|||| Discuss a few of the hardships that characters suffer in Of Mice and Male.|||Write about:|||| Various type of challenges suffered by various characters|| How the author shows the impacts of various sort of difficulty.|||| A lot of the characters in Of Mice and Guys have worries.|||| Discuss:|||| Various inds of fears they have|| The domino effects of their worries|| How the writer reveals their worries.|| 2002|||| Blog about the strengths and weak points of a few of the characters in Of Mice and Male. Pick 3 of these characters: Lennie, Slim,|| Curley’s wife, Crooks.|||Blog about:|||| The strengths of your picked characters|| The weaknesses of your selected characters|| How the writer shows their strengths and weak points|| Who you believe is the strongest of these characters, and why.|||||||| Write about animals that you think are necessary in Of Mice and Men.|||Blog about:|||| Ways they are very important to characters in the novel|| How they assist to show what various characters resemble|| Ways in which the writer uses animals to interest you as a reader.|| 2003|||| Lennie, Sweet and Criminals are all victims. How does the author show this?|||Blog about:|||| The various methods which each of these 3 characters is a victim|| How the writer shows that each of them is a victim.|||| The very first area, or chapter, of the novel takes place in the clearing in the brush, the night prior to George and Lennie reach the|| ranch.|||How does this opening prepare the reader for what occurs in the rest of the novel?|||| Write about:|||| How the actions and discussion of George and Lennie assist to prepare the reader for what will occur later on in the unique|| How other things in the chapter aid to prepare the reader for what will take place later in the unique|| How the author introduces essential themes and ideas in this chapter.|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 2004|||| Which character in Of Mice and Guys do you most sympathise with, and why?|||Write about:|||| Why you sympathise with this character|| How the writer makes you sympathise with this character by the method that he writes.|||| When Lennie has actually killed Curley’s other half, George states, “I need to of understood … I think maybe way back in my head I did.”|||| How does Steinbeck show that Lennie was always going to get into serious difficulty?|||Discuss:|||| What Lennie resembles|| The important things Lennie does|| How Lennie behaves with other characters|| How Steinbeck shows that Lennie’s death is inescapable.|||| 2005|||How are each of the following essential in the novel:|||| Rabbits|| Canines and pups|| Mice?|||| Write about:|||| What you think their importance is|| How Steinbeck shows their importance.|||| How does Steinbeck present the relationship between George and Lennie in the book?|||Write about:|||| How George feels about Lennie|| How Lennie feels about George|| Why you believe George sticks with Lennie|| The approaches Steinbeck uses to present their relationship.|| 2006|||| Blog about two locations in the book.|||| Select 2 of these places:|||| The brush; the bunkhouse; Crook’s room; the barn.|||Discuss:|||| How Steinbeck provides these locations by the ways he discusses them|| What occurs in these places|| Why you believe these places are important.|||| Discuss George and Lennie’s dream.|||| Write about:|||| Why they dream of the things they do|| Why their dream can not come to life|| How Steinbeck utilizes their dream in the novel.|FOR NOTES FOR NOTES

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