Of Mice and Men Position Paper

Of Mice and Guy Position Paper

Of Mice and Male Position Paper The capital punishment of being put to death requires an extremely serious criminal activity to be brought into impact; among these crimes would be murder. No matter what race, religious beliefs, or impairment a victim may have, the killer will be sentenced to death in the United States of America. In 1937, George Milton cruelly and deliberately killed Lennie Smalls and since of this, he ought to never ever see the light of day once again. He put a weapon to the back of Lennie’s head and blatantly pulled the trigger.

George Milton should be sentenced to death for killing Lennie Smalls because he continually manipulated Lennie, he had the murder planned out from the start, and he had complete intent to eliminate Lennie. To start, George manipulated Lennie Smalls during his life and this is a major factor he ought to be put to death. Throughout various job interviews, George declined to let Lennie even speak his own name. Although Lennie was mentally ill, he had every right to speak to the boss. George was also simply utilizing Lennie to aquire money. He repeatedly told him about a so called, “Dream Farm” to keep him working.

In reality, George informs him about this incorrect hope for his advantage. Mr. Milton even more shows that he does not appreciate this farm by taking the cash and blowing it at a whore house the night he killed Lennie. He even confessed to continuously manipulating Lennie when he tells Slim, “Why he ‘d do any damn thing I tol’ him. If I tol’ him to stroll over a cliff, over he ‘d go.” Next, George had this planned considering that the moment the 2 left the bus. The opening night they were in town, George tells Lennie to go to a specific area if anything bad happens.

George, knowing Lennie for all these years, understood that something would eventually go wrong, and when it did, this would be the area that George Milton would kill Lennie Smalls. As soon as George starts to feel comfy at the ranch, Lennie breaks down and eliminates Curley’s better half. George right away knows that Lennie dedicated the killing, so he goes back into the bunkhouse to make it look like he had no hint what happened. George does more than simply that though while in the bunkhouse, he steals Carlson’s gun.

When the 2 fulfill up at the designated area, George shoots of the Lugar and brutally kills Lennie Smalls. Finally, George had full intention of killing Lennie and commited the criminal activity out of self-justification. George typically takes a look at the negatives of Lennie’s life and they begin to build up within him. He tells Lennie, “However you ain’t gon na get in no problem … ain’t that right?” George prepares to murder Lennie if he does anything else wrong since he can not take it mentally. He finds the perfect time and puts his own pal’s life to a vicious end.

He does this to much better his own life, not out of grace. A major crime should have a major penalty and this is why George Milton is worthy of to be penalized to death. He brutally killed one of his only friends, Lennie Smalls and expects to get away with it as if absolutely nothing ever occurred due to the truth Lennie was psychologically challenged. A murder is a murder no matter what the situations may be and this is why George is guilty. Mr. Milton is manipulative, planned the murder from the very start of their journey, and had complete intent of killing Lennie Smalls.

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