Of Mice and Men Persuasive Essay

Of Mice and Men Persuasive Essay

Of Mice and Men Essay: Persuasive Essay “There is a substantial disparity of treatment in the way the criminal justice system manages things. Unfortunately, there’s a double basic since there is a double standard in society.” David Raybin. In the unique, Of Mice and Guy, by John Steinbeck; Steinbeck presents two males, George and Lennie, who reside in Salinas, California. The novel takes place in the 1930s, during the great anxiety; in the unique, both males go from one job to another as they try to purchase their own ‘American Dream’.

The dream to construct a shack with an acre of land, but as they have problem with life, their shot at achieving their dream disappears. Towards the end, George murders Lennie in order to resolve issues that Lennie caused throughout the plot. Lennie’s murder is categorized as grace killing; grace killing is called killing an individual for the benefit of their own good. This novel makes it clear that mercy is the best way to eliminate people with impairments, it takes the ruthlessness out of killing by making it more kind. George devoted mercy killing by shooting Lennie.

Although George did not feel best in killing his just friend, he recognized that his actions were warranted due to the fact that Lennie was going to die regardless. In the novel, Lennie is known for eliminating little animals on accident, the truth that he eliminates them by revealing love and care towards the animal foreshadows the murder of Curley’s partner. Lennie accidently eliminated Curley’s other half by cuddling her hair, when George realizes what Lennie has actually done he understands that he has to kill Lennie prior to Curley or the cops.

It is because of Lennie’s inabilities that permit mercy eliminating to be much better then capital punishment, since Lennie does not comprehend the distinction from right and wrong. It is for the very best to kill someone out of mercy, and put them out of their torment, than to do capital punishment which beats and abuses them to death. Mercy killing might sound like a dreadful thing to do, however would you rather see a loved one suffering, and in anguish, or would you rather see them lastly resting and gladly at peace?

For instance, compare Candy’s canine and Lennie. Candy’s dog was already passing away slowly; the pet was old, blind and unpleasant. “I’ll put the old devil out of his anguish today and get it over with. Ain’t absolutely nothing left for him. Can’t eat, can’t see, can’t even walk without hurtin’,” says Carlson, a character from the book that recognizes that the canine would be better off by dying then living another uncomfortable day. Lennie like the dog would have been tortured or beaten to death once Curley found who killed his partner.

Capital penalty is essential depending on the situation, but mercy killing is the very best when it came to people or animals with incapacities. Grace killing is eliminating out of love; it takes love and courage to understand that an animal or a good friend like Lennie is much better off dead. George eliminated his best friend out of love; he loved Lennie a lot that he rather eliminate Lennie himself then to have Curley eliminate Lennie out of spite.

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