Of Mice and Men Outline

Of Mice and Male Outline

The novel Of Mice and Guy has an excellent variety of styles. During the time Steinbeck composed this novel, things were absolutely various and they had an effect on how John Steinbeck composed. The theme that sticks out to me the most is discrimination. In the novel Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck shows the cruelty and huge impact of discrimination towards individuals who are different through the characters Lennie, Crooks, and Curley’s wife. Author’s Info Author’s Work Themes:” The large area is an aspect also in shaping dominant themes in the fiction … the failures or threats of middle-class existence. (McCarthy) Context” The characters include the wealthy, poor, and economically in-between; the able, bigoted, fully grown, puritanic, psychotic, and happy.” In the area appear Mexicans, Spanish, and Chinese, along with German, Irish, and English … as well as anglers, bartenders, teachers, and radicals.” (McCarthy) Lennie Small Everyone always makes fun of Lennie” You jus’ stand there and do not say absolutely nothing … Ya got that.” If in charge hears Lennie talk before work, he probably wont give him the task due to the fact that you can tell he is foolish simply by the way he talks.

George wishes to do all the speaking with the boss and have Lennie just stand there silently. (Steinbeck 6)” That Lennie was an idiot, no less, and victim of a pathological illness, is completely beyond the point.” Lennie has no illness, but he it dumb on his own. Lennie was a moron with no aid form anyone. (Paul) George needs to take care of Lennie because he is so foolish.” ‘Course ha ain’t imply. But he gets in trouble alla time due to the fact that he’s so God damn dumb.” Lennie’s stupidity gets him in a great deal of trouble and George always has to repair it. Lennie doesn’t make his mistakes out of meanness, however out of stupidity. Steinbeck 41)” In contrast … sooner or later they will own a little farm and have the ability to make money from their own labor.” To keep Lennie calm, George constantly needs to inform him the story of how they are going to get their own land. This story keeps Lennie calm and happy. (Hearle) Crooks What discrimination was like during that time “The white kids concern dip into our place … But I understand now.” Crooks never ever knew why his daddy didn’t want him playing with the white kids. Now that Crooks gets discriminated by the males at the ranch, he understands where his dad was coming from when he was little. Steinbeck 70)” And there is Crooks, the dignified ‘proud and aloof’ however helpless and lonely victim of racial discrimination.” Due to the fact that Crooks is black, he is a victim of racial discrimination. Scoundrels is lonely since nobody ever talks with him or visits him in his space since he’s black. (Scarseth) Crooks is separated from the rest of the males since he is black.” Cause I’m black. They play cards in there … Well, I tell you, all of you stink to me.” Criminals isn’t allowed the bunkhouse due to the fact that he is black.

Criminals needs to oversleep the stable because he isn’t wanted in the bunkhouse and they say he stinks since he’s black. (Steinbeck 68)” Additionally, he imitates Lennie when he enters Scoundrel’s space in the barn … Yet sweet has been on the cattle ranch for a very long time, just as Crooks has.” Sweet does not recognize the factor that he has actually never been into Criminal’s space. Although Candy has been on the cattle ranch as long as Crooks, he has never been into Crook’s room. (Cardullo) Curley’s wife Females discrimination at that time” Don’t you even take a look at that bitch … You leave her be. George believes that since she is a women, she is bad news. George thinks Lennie must stay away from her due to the fact that he’s always entering into problem and Curley’s other half has lots of trouble. (Steinbeck 32)” But plainly he does not– does not understand how to– connect to her as an individual. She is to him a thing, an ownership, a sex-object and a status sign.” Curley’s other half is absolutely nothing more to him than a thing that exists to just look quite. She is absolutely nothing to Curley. (Scarseth) Curley’s better half is restricted from reaching her goal to become an actress because she is a women.” ‘Nother time I fulfilled a guy … So I married Curley. The man she satisfied stated he was going to put her in the motion pictures and write to her about it when he returned to Hollywood, however he never ever did. Curley’s wife only wed him because she couldn’t live her dream and end up being an actress. (Steinbeck 88)” She is a lost little lady in a world of men whose understanding of females is mostly limited to memories of kind old ladies and rumors of casual prostitution.” Curley’s better half gets discriminated for being a ladies since the men’s understanding of women is extremely little. Curley’s wife doesn’t get the credit for being who she truly is due to the fact that they identify her with stereotypes. Scarseth) All in all, John Steinbeck shows the ruthlessness and huge effect of discrimination towards individuals who are various through Lennie, Crooks, and Curley’s partner. These characters are discriminated in a different way whether it’s because of their skin color, gender, or if they are simply a little various in the head. No matter what type of discrimination it is, John Steinbeck feels it is incorrect and disrespectful. Being discriminated ought to not prevail to people’s lifestyle due to the fact that of any factor. Steinbeck wants people to recognize that we are all equivalent on the within which’s what counts.

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