“of Mice and Men” Literature Paper

“of Mice and Guy” Literature Paper

Dreams. All individuals have dreams, things they desire, things they wish to attain in life. Ultimately, everyone’s life will pertain to an end and all of us know it. When we reach a particular point in our older lives, we will probably just want to be happy and enjoy our lives. In The book “Of Mice and Guy,” candy is an old man who spent his life working on a farm. Sweet loses his hand and when George and Lennie appear with their “dream” of owning land, Candy asks to join the “dream.” Candy lost whatever including his precious pet; he is desperate.

This results in my question, why did Steinbeck select to make Sweet join the dream over any other character? Steinbeck selected Sweet to sign up with the dream since he is the most desperate and Steinbeck wished to reveal Candy’s vulnerability. Candy’s missing out on a hand; he’s old and about to be fired. His dreams can’t be fulfilled by himself. Steinbeck does this to show hoe even the worst of scenarios can be turned around. In order to show desperation and dreams in Sweet’s life, I will be looking at the lots of hard times Candy has faced. Not long after Carlson killed Candy’s dog, George and Lennie begin discussing their “dream. George begins informing the story of their dream and then Sweet asks a couple of questions about the land they were preparing to buy. “They’ll can me purty quickly … Jus’ as soon as I can’t overload out no bunk homes … Possibly if I provide you guys my cash, you’ll let me hoe the garden even after I ain’t no good at it … You seen what they had done to my pet dog tonight? … When they can me here, I wisht somebody ‘d shoot me.” From what I understand, Sweet knows that he is going to be fired, and he wishes to live off the land with George and Lennie.

Sweet reveals that the he wants to age working, and when he is of no more usage, he simply wants to pass away. This quote shows Candy and how he sees life. It seems as if Sweet just wants to more than happy, yet he has no one and no place to pursue they fire him from his task. This informs me that Candy is desperate and was willing to provide whatever he had to not pass away alone. Candy knows that he is getting a growing number of useless, but he has quit on a lot of things, perhaps even his own dreams. Candy is stating that if he can’t work, he can’t do anything and ought to pass away.

This quote revealed me how Sweet has no power and feels so passionately about life, unlike all the other characters, Sweet has more compassion. Soon after George and Lennie consented to let Sweet join the “dream.” Sweet thinks and said, “George … I should of shot that pet myself, George. I should not ought to of let no complete stranger shoot my pet.” Here, Candy regrets letting his dog die by the hands of another person. Sweet understands that he slipped up because he raised it considering that it was a pup and he believes that if it needs to pass away, it ought to be by the hands of Sweet, its master.

This tells me that Candy is the type of person contrasted by his own ideas. Although he is frequently confused by his emotions, he wishes to hold on to bonds that he had and create new ones. This reveals a great deal of emotion from Candy and I think it is more than any other character in the book. Sweet goes through numerous rough patches in his life and he keeps it within due to the fact that he was all alone. This passage provides me with the knowledge that since Sweet can get in touch with the other characters and really digs into their sensations and connect, he is probably to choose George and Lennie and pursue the dream.

As we have actually seen, by the end of the unique, Steinbeck has actually revealed us the intense challenge to discover a happy life. We see Steinbeck, showing how people wish to enjoy by using Sweet’s aging, missing out on hand, and desperation. Steinbeck wants to send a message to his readers that people work all their lives just to attempt and more than happy in their last days. Individuals deal with difficulties everyday. Through our lives we go through school and work, simply to discover a frustrating emotional and physical tension. I ask myself, why? Why do I bear with this stress and anxiety everyday? It’s for joy.

Truthfully, I do not know if it’s worth it. Yet, a lot of people struggle daily just to discover this twinkle of hope. In “Of Mice and Male,” Candy did everything he could simply to understand a portion of a dream, a small amount of joy. Worldwide as we understand it, we need to do everything we can to chase our own dream, to discover our own type of happiness, for life is meaningless if we don’t. Even after all this, Steinbeck cuts us short by telling us that even if we attempt, you may not get anything in the end, by showing us how Candy eventually loses the dream.

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