Of Mice and Men Literary Analysis

Of Mice and Male Literary Analysis

!.?.!? Of Mice and Guy Literary Analysis Of Mice and Guy is a novel about two men and their battle to reach their imagine owning their own cattle ranch. George Milton and Lennie Small are buddies, who despite of all their extremely difference characters, but still handle to interact, take a trip together and eliminate anything that gets in their way. The relationship between George and Lennie prevails throughout the book, but it is shown most explicitly in their plan to reside on a farm together in the future. The method which this dream is articulated to represent the idealized friendship they share.

The author Steinbeck utilizes almost all of the characters in this novel to reveal the importance of having a genuine and real relationship.? However, a big part in the unique Of Mice and Guy expresses the solitude suffered by a number of the characters and their longing for friendship. Each of these characters searches for pals who genuinely appreciate each other throughout the story. The main theme that the author attempts to communicate through numerous dialogues between characters is basically the brother kind of love in between Lennie and George: the style of an idealized male relationship.

In section one, George straight mentions that how crucial is the role of Lennie in his life. In spite of George’s impatience and inconvenience with Lennie, and his remarks about how easy his life would be without him, he still thinks that: “Guys like us, that deal with cattle ranches, are the loneliest men on the planet. They got no family. They do not belong no location … With us it ain’t like that. We got a future. We got somebody to speak to that gives a damn about us (Steinbeck, 14)”. And Lennie completes his sentence by saying, “An’ why? Due to the fact that … due to the fact that I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that’s why (Steinbeck, 14)”.

From these 2 quotes, we can see that although George always has tons of grumbles to make towards Lennie, he still considers him as his crucial good friend in life; so does Lennie. This quote also completely shows the idealist friendship in between Lennie and George. We can see that by the way how Lennie talks and express his feeling into words: George is basically the world of Lennie. In section 3, “I ain’t got no people. I seen the guys that walk around on the ranches alone. That ain’t no excellent. They do not have no fun. After a long period of time they get imply. They get wantin’ to combat all the time … ‘Course Lennie’s a God amn nuisance the majority of the time, but you get used to goin’ around with a guy an’ you can’t eliminate him (Steinbeck, 41)”. In this particular discussion, Steinbeck utilized George’s comment on Lennie to demonstrate the bond of relationship in between the 2 characters. In this circumstances, George explains that in spite of Lennie being a discomfort to be around, he is still ready to stay around Lennie without being an appropriate reason. The reason he offers is extremely unimportant; this more illustrates the strength of the friendship in between the two because George is willing to stay around Lennie without a proper factor in spite of Lennie causing problems sometimes.

With this dialogue, Steinbeck further highlights the theme of relationship by highlighting the truth that individuals can be good friends without a correct factor. This quote from the book most likely suggests the most to me, due to the reality that how George points out that he might not live without the company of Lennie. The factor that they can work out so match is the complementary of each of their personality. In area 3, “well, I never seen one man take a lot problem for another person. I much like to know what your interest is (Steinbeck, 45)”.

In this comment from the boss, Steinbeck highlights the boss’s confusion about George and Lennie’s relationship. The one in charge seems to not be able to understand the genuine friendship in between George and Lennie and thinks that George is making the most of Lennie. From the boss’s confusion, Steinbeck even more highlights the intensity of the genuine relationship in between the two characters. We can see from in charge’s reaction that this kind of relationship is extremely unusual, hence more communicating Steinbeck’s style of relationship, and how a real friendship is extremely limited when it comes to relationships in between individuals.

Also, in section 5, Crooks reveals how simple it is to feel insane when you are alone. With no one to validate his reality, he begins to say: “‘A person needs somebody-to be near him.’ He whined, ‘A man goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody (Steinbeck, 72)”. The value of the relationship in between George and Lennie is reinforced by Criminal’s poorness. The relationship in between George and Lennie is coveted by the other characters who thirst for a great companionship much like them. However, Much of the characters confess to suffering from solitude throughout the text.

As the story establishes, Candy, Crooks, and Curley’s wife all confess their deep loneliness in life. Each of these characters searches for a good friend, somebody to assist them measure the world. Isolation is a substantial factor in several characters’ lives. Sweet is lonely after his dog is gone. Curley’s better half is lonely due to the fact that her other half is not the person she wished for, so she handles her isolation by flirting with the guys on the ranch, which triggers Curley to increase his jealousy. Nevertheless, the companionship of George and Lennie is likewise the result of loneliness. A man goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody. Do not make no distinction who the man is, long’s he’s with you (Steinbeck, 72)”. The author further reinforces this style by positioning the story near the town of Soledad, which ironically means “privacy” in Spanish. Regardless of all these factors that integrated to end up being a tone of solitude throughout the story, the whole story still appears more like to communicate the value of relationship to me. The bond between George and Lennie is still what truly the end of story– the death of Lennie.

If the style of relationship is not the main style that author Steinbeck was going to communicate then the end of story would not be like that. In conclusion, it is clear that when the author Steinbeck composed this book, he utilized the different characters to press across the point that to not have a pal, there would be no point in living. He utilizes the isolation of Crooks, Candy and Curley’s other half to show that without friends, life would be an awful place. George and Lennie’s relationship is so rare since it is the only friendship in the unique, let alone true friendship.

Nobody else on the ranch has a relationship like George and Lennie, which is why they are different and stick out from everybody else. For George and Lennie, as they make their method through the great depression, on the course to their dream, all they have is each other, and for them that suffices. In addition, George is a responsible normal man with a dream in general. His faithful friendship and obligation with Lennie assists him to sustain his dream of a better future. But regretfully, it ends with the death of Lennie and the awful separation of the friendship between George and Lennie.

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