Of Mice And Men – Lennie

Of Mice And Men– Lennie

“Of Mice and Male”, the unique by John Steinbaeck, is about 2 men’s battle to attain their dream. George Milton and Lennie Small are casual employees who move different ranches doing jobs when they are required. They transfer to a cattle ranch near the town of Soledad with the hope of making sufficient cash to purchase a ranch of their own.

The novel ends tragically when Lennie mistakenly kills Curley’s other half and George is forced to shoot him. Lennie is one of the most fascinating characters in the book because he differs from the others in a variety of methods. He has a really basic mind and often acts like a kid. He is also really strong but he is not in control of his strength. I appreciate Lennie since he is straight and treats everyone the same.

We don’t know a lot about Lennie’s background. Judging by what we are informed of his past, he didn’t have a “typical” delighted training. We do not know what happened to Lennie’s household and moms and dads and why he didn’t cope with them, simply that he was looked after by his Aunt Clara. Lennie was teased by George and his good friends since of his lack of intelligence but to Lennie this should have appeared typical.

We gain from George about out an occurrence that took place when they were younger. George and his pals had told Lennie to jump in the river as a joke, understanding that he would do what they stated. Lennie couldn’t swim and nearly drowned. George had to leap in and rescue him.

Afterwards, Lennie was extremely appreciative to George for rescuing him but he couldn’t keep in mind that George had actually told him to jump in, in the very first place. Lennie is very trusting and will do anything that George tells him to do. He is the only person Lennie has in the world. When his Auntie Clara died, Lennie started to go round ranches with George.

George papa assured Lennie’s auntie that he would care for him. Without George, Lennie would be entirely defenseless. It is unlikely that anyone one would endure Lennie the method George did.

Lennie is typically compared to animals, this reflects his, ideas, manner and look. Lennie was very big, tall and strong. He had big hands which were frequently compared to the paws of a bear. “Lennie dabbed his huge paw in the water” This offers the impression that Lennie’s hands are very big and are probably rough and weathered.

Lennie’s actions are frequently animal like and reveal his lack of intelligence.” he consumed with long gulps, snorting into the water like a horse.” Lennie is frequently acting upon impulse rather than thinking about what he is doing. I believe it is paradoxical that Lennie must be compared to animals as he likes them a lot.

Lennie was very strong, but he was not aware of his power. We get cautioning indications about his strength from early in the book, these are likewise hints about what occurs at the end of the book. Lennie enjoyed to animal mice since they were soft. He kept mice he discovered in his pocket but killed them since he stroked them too hard. “I ‘d family pet ’em, and pretty quickly they bit my fingers and I pinched their heads a little and after that they was dead.”

When he gets a scare, he gets on to something and wont let go. Back in Weed, Lennie felt a girls dress due to the fact that it was soft. When she yelled, he hung on tighter so the gown ripped. The first real indicator of Lennie’s enormous strength was when he broke Curley’s hand. “Curley’s fist was swinging when Lennie reached for it. The next minute Curley was tumbling like a fish.”

Lennie broke Curley’s hand nearly immediately. The other guys were surprised at how strong Lennie really was. “wants to me like ever’ bone in his han’ is bust” At the end of the book, Lennie broke Curley’s other half’s neck. He had his hand over her mouth to try and stop her from shouting, but he hung on too hard so broke her neck. Lennie didn’t know how to respond when she shouted.

Holding on was the only thing he could believe to do. Nevertheless, Lennie’s strength does have its assets. He is a great worker and is really quickly at bucking barley. “Perhaps he ain’t intense, however I never ever seen such a worker” Lennie has a really easy mind, he does not think on the very same level as the other characters in the book.

He does not have an excellent memory and often forgets things that George informs him. “So you forgot that awready, did you?” Lennie has a selective memory, he doesn’t keep in mind a great deal of crucial things, like where they were going however he remembers their dream. He is constantly thinking about the rabbits and worries, that George wont let him tend them if he gets in to trouble.

Lennie does not have a lot of sound judgment. He depends on George to make choices, he could not survive without him. “You ain’t got sense enough to find nothing to eat.” He does not understand that when somebody screams he need to release the rather of holding on. He doesn’t realise that he is harming them.

Lennie is fairly unaware of the world around him and is very much like a kid. Little things that adults would ignore or take for approved fascinate him. “Lennie dabbed his big paw in the water and wiggled his fingers so the water arose in little splashes. Rings widened across the pool to the opposite and returned again.

Lennie viewed them go. ‘Look. George. Look what I done.'” He enjoys animals, the possibility of tending the bunnies is the main point that keeps him out of trouble. He is frightened that if he does something wrong George wont let him look after them. It might be expected of kids to enjoy and desire animals as animals however it is extremely uncommon for a grown man to desire a bunny.

Lennie appreciates George, he wants to be much like him. “Lennie, who had been watching, mimicked George precisely … He examined to George to see whether he had it just right.” Lennie deals with George like an adult figure, he constantly asks his approval before doing something. George in turn treats him like a child. George informs Lennie what to do and yells at him when he does something incorrect.

When they visit in charge, George does all the talking. He does not want Lennie to say anything dumb. George tries to keep Lennie under control and out of tight spots, but this is hard as Lennie is not a kid. He simply acts like one. Lennie gets in to problem because of this, he needs to face adult penalties for kid like acts. When he eliminated Curley’s wife, the guys chose he needs to die. If a kid eliminated something they would not be killed however told not to do it once again. This is regrettable as Lennie has no more sense that a child.

Another aspect of Lennie’s child like mind is his lack of bias. He does not understand individuals’s bias and treats everybody the exact same. I think this is among Lennie’s essential qualities, although it is in some cases a downside to him. As the majority of people grow up, they establish predisposition towards particular individuals.

This is normally based solely on what they have actually been informed and not their own judgment. For example, the males on the cattle ranch may have been informed, when they were younger, to avoid black guys which there is something various about them. So as they age this establishes in to bigotry. For this reason, Crooks is not allowed to the bunk home and is not able to talk to them.

Lennie may have been told the exact same things, however forgotten them, so he did not have the very same bias versus individuals. This is why he went to talk with Crooks when he was lonesome, he didn’t see why the other men ignored Crooks.” ‘I ain’t desired in the bunk home …’ ‘Why ain’t you wanted?’ Lennie asked.”

Lennie likewise didn’t understand why the males didn’t talk with Curley’s wife. He didn’t see her in the very same method they did. To Lennie she was simply “purty”. This got Lennie in to problem, he didn’t know that Curley would get really angry at Lennie for speaking with her. This is unfortunate since Lennie had absolutely nothing but excellent objectives.

I feel extremely sorry for Lennie. He was constantly attempting his hardest to stay out of trouble and please George but some how didn’t handle. His kid like nature suggested that he was curious and wanted to find out about things he most likely should avoid. For instance, the girls gown. He was not appreciated by a lot of individuals and, in spite of his size, was easy to pick on since he didn’t know how to defend himself.

I think it was particularly sad that people victimized Lennie. He didn’t make judgments about individuals, he was reasonable and treated every one the very same. This is among Lennie’s most important qualities, it stands him apart from all the other characters in the book. Nevertheless, Lennie’s kid like innocence and absence of prejudice was a fantastic problem to him.

If he was smarter he would know how to safeguard himself and wouldn’t get in to as much problem. However, if he could care for himself, he would not have George for company and would be just another lonely ranch hand. I believe the ending was especially awful due to the fact that Lennie had such a great nature.

It doesn’t say much about society if the good individuals are eliminated and the nasty people, such as Curley, are allowed to live. Nonetheless I believe George was right in shooting him. Had actually Lennie been permitted to live he would have been a danger to himself and individuals around him.

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