Of Mice and Men, Is Lenny Insane?

Of Mice and Men, Is Lenny Insane?Ryan Nelson 9/21/2010 Criminology Short Paper 1 In my viewpoint Lennie Small is innocent of murder due to insanity pertaining from his lack of cognitive capability, which can be identified by the tempting impulse test. Lennie knew that murder was incorrect but could not stop himself. Lennie is a mild soul and would never ever harm anyone on function. He didn’t know how to act when Curley’s partner threatened to tell George that he touched her hair, which in turn would take his precious bunnies far from him. In Lennie’s mind there was no way that a future without his rabbits was possible.

In order to comprehend why Lennie was not able to stop himself from killing Curley’s spouse we require to take a look at the elements that made him the way he was. George Milton, Lennie’s taking a trip partner, is the main influence on why Lennie’s irresistible impulse was so extreme. From what we understand about George he is an extremely cynical and controlling person. He himself has essentially removed Lennie’s freedom of option between right and incorrect. Possibly George Milton ought to be the one on trial today. Take for instance the conversation they had prior to trying to get work at the Ranch,”We’re gon

na go an’see the one in charge. Now, look-I’ll provide him the tickets, but you ain’t gon na state a word. You jus’ stand there and do not say nothing.”(Steinbeck, 6). George had actually belittled Lennie so much psychologically that he was not even letting him talk. Another reason Lennie Small was not able to stop himself from eliminating Curley’s better half is his psychological fixation with rabbits. The only thing Lennie can appear to remember or perhaps feel any feeling for is rabbits. His entire life all he has desired is a couple of rabbits to family pet. Think about if it was just possible for you to consider one thing. If somebody tried to take that a person thing far from you. It would be your natural instinct to do anything to get that back, and with a psychological handicap it would be difficult to stop yourself from doing so. Lennie’s mental handicap is also another reason that not guilty by reason of insanity due to irresistible impulse is the right verdict for this case. Leonard Small is a really gentle soul, and he also has a mental handicap. It’s hard for him to realize what’s going on around him at some times. Whenever Lennie has assaulted somebody previously it has actually always remained in self defense

. Like when Curley assaulted him and he didn’t even defend himself up until George instructed him to,”Lennie’s hands remained at his sides; he was to frightened to safeguard himself. George was on his feet yelling “Get him, Lennie. Don’t let him do it!”(Steinbeck, 63). It wasn’t up until this point that Lennie utilized any sort of force to safeguard himself, which is another reason why George Milton has actually played a big function in the development of Mr. Small’s irresistible impulse. Another factor in this awful scenario is the method which Curley’s spouse nearly agitated Lennie.”You’re nuts. But you’re a kinda good fella.

Jus’like a big infant. However a person can see kinda what your mean. When I’m doin’my hair sometimes I jus’set an’stroke it ’cause it’s so soft.”( Steinbeck, 90)Lennie is an easy person who has a psychological fixation with bunnies, especially how soft their pelt is. The method which Curley’s wife presented herself to Lennie was one that left her open for physical attention from Lennie. She set Lennie up for failure and I believe that she meant for Lennie to end up being agitated. Somebody with a psychological handicap such as Lennie isn’t absolutely in control of their actions, specifically when put in circumstance such as that one. Another reason that Lennie Small is innocent due to insanity is since of the hallucinations that he was having right prior to he was “captured”. Right prior to Lennie was captured individuals reported hearing him speaking to himself. Only he believed that he was talking to his”Auntie Clara”. An eye witness heard Lennie saying” I tol’you,’Minutes ‘George because he’s such a good fella an ‘excellent to you. But you never ever take no care. You do bad things. I tried, Auntie Clara, ma’am. I tried and attempted “(Steinbeck, 101).

If Lennie was hallucinating right after he eliminated Curley’s other half then how do we know that he wasn’t hallucinating when he killed her. In my viewpoint someone who is hallucinating probably isn’t in control of their actions. Even if they are in control of their body it doesn’t indicate they are in control of their mind. There are numerous reasons Lennie Small ought to be acquitted. He is obviously not in control of his actions. If Lennie could have stopped himself from eliminating Curley’s spouse I’m sure that he would have, he is gentle caring soul his inflammation towards animals in addition to other individuals show this.

I believe that Lennie is a prime case of tempting impulse. He understands that killing is wrong but he can not physically stop himself in times of pressure. Lennie Small may have devoted an awful criminal offense but in no chance meant for it to in fact happen and is an innocent guy.

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