Of Mice and Men: Is it Depressing

Of Mice and Guy: Is it Depressing

“Of Mice and Guy is a dismal story, all of the characters fail to attain what they want.” To what degree do you agree?

Of Mice and Male is a dismal story, primarily since all of the characters fail to accomplish what they want. George and Lennie’s dream of owning their own land and Lennie desiring his own bunnies to animal goes unfounded.

Curley’s wife shares her trick dream of being an entertainer with Lennie, only to have that dream shattered, quite similar to her neck. Maybe one of the least dominant dreams in the story, yet among the most sad is Crooks’ dream of no longer being alone, a dream of having friends in a land divided by racism.

The central dream that Of Mice and Men is based upon is that of George and Lennie sharing the desire to own their own land. From the extremely start of the book, Lennie requires that George relay their dream,

‘Lennie pleaded: “Come on George. Inform me please George. Like you done prior to.”…”You get a kick outta that, don’t you.”(Page 17)

While Steinbeck cleverly makes us believe that this dream is possible, there is a constant feeling that this objective is not going to be accomplished. From the very start there is some sign that George is not encouraged of the possibility of attaining this dream, up until Candy uses financial support. At this point, the possibility of the dream coming true thrills George, when he says,

‘”Jesus Christ! I wager we could swing her (the owner of the prospected home).” His eyes had plenty of wonder.

However, the wonder in his eyes did not last for long and George accepts the dream is really only for Lennie’s sake. He accepts that ‘guys like them,’ because time period do not get numerous opportunities. His approval of these facts is shown when he shoots Lennie, while Lennie is taking a look at the hills, thinking about his dream for one last time. The primary subject of this book, George and Lennie’s dream, is not achieved and this is rather dismaying.

Late in the book, Candy’s other half shares her long-lasting dream of being an entertainer with Lennie. She tells him that she wished to be in the ‘Pitchers’ and be famous however she never ever got the chance.

‘”… among the actors … stated I could opt for the show. But my old lady would not let me …” “‘Nother time I satisfied a person …(he) was gon na put me in the motion pictures … stated he was gon na write to me … I never got the letter, I always believed my old lady stole it.”‘

It is unclear whether her mom just withheld the letter or the male simply never composed back, however, yet again, the dream went unfounded. In spite of her different problems she still had a flicker of hope that her dream would one day come to life, but when Lennie accidentally snapped her neck her slim possibilities of the dream becoming a reality ended. Again, the dream that Curly’s partner held went unfulfilled, which, in impact, is depressing.

Scoundrels reveals to Lennie how he dreams of not being lonely and having individuals to communicate with. This dream went dissatisfied since of the high incidence of bigotry in the location. It was an unwritten rule that whites must not go to the black quarters and vice-versa. In his innocence, Lennie breaks that “rule” and Scoundrels ends up being quite protective.

He tells Lennie ‘not to go to a place where he isn’t wanted’ (page 63). Although Crooks is a loner on the outside he is ‘defeated by Lennie’s smile,’ (page 63) and informs him to ‘can be found in and set for a while,’ (page 63). After all this Crooks goes on to inform Lennie how he gets lonesome not having anyone to talk to and he implies that he would give anything to have someone to be friends with.

When Scoundrels invites Sweet in, he appears delighted that he may be able to spend a long time with some other people.

‘”Begin in. (inviting Sweet) If ever’body’s comin’ in, you may simply as well.” It was tough for Criminals to conceal his enjoyment with anger.’ (page 68)

In spite of this uncommon meeting, the prospect of a black male making pals with white men was impossible at the time. This dream failing to be fulfilled is the most dismal of all the stopped working goals in Of Mice and Men, due to the fact that this man is required to invest a life time alone, instead of missing out on losing the opportunity of having a farm.

Of Mice and Male is a very dismal book, as many dreams go unfulfilled. This is not by any methods to say that it is not an excellent, book, just a depressing one that concentrates on reality rather of dream.

It was a very extreme truth of the time that dreams and objectives that were created in peoples’ minds never left those minds. From this book I can conclude that the period the book was set in would have been a depressing time to be alive, which hope is one of the only things to keep an individual going.

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