Of Mice and Men- How Does Steinbeck Show Loneliness in ‘of Mice and Men’

Of Mice and Guy- How Does Steinbeck Program Isolation in ‘of Mice and Men’

Hannah Chapman Year 10 Tuesday 12th February 2013 Controlled Assessment 3 Of Mice And Guy- How Does Steinbeck Program Isolation In ‘Of Mice And Guys’ John Steinbeck shows solitude in ‘of Mice and Males’ due to the fact that in 1929, there was an occasion called the Great Depression which was embeded in America, when the dollars lost its value. Many people lost their tasks and people were unemployed. In addition to this, Farm employees needed to travel around the country combing the countryside for a job.

People were unable to make steady friends/no jobs were safe. Also, coloured people were dealt with badly and unfairly since in the early times, they were either killed, for instance; hung or made them do slavery where they needed to labour for absolutely nothing. George is a supportive, companionable and an extremely encouraging guy who had actually guaranteed Lennie’s aunt Clara that he would look after Lennie prior to she died. George’s loneliness is rather evident because he can not get a sweetheart.

Another factor is that George gets quite mad at Lennie however he doesn’t inform him that because Lennie will never understand, for example; George constantly loses his task due to the fact that Lennie always performs himself by doing bad things e. g. -when Lennie had seen this girl wearing a red gown, he touched it and would not let go since it was so velvety- Lennie loves soft things, but eventually, the lady began screaming and fled from him, but naturally Lennie had actually been accused of rape. Lennie and George left Weed and went to discover a task in Soledad.

George is forced to move from town to town to protect Lennie but he never ever gets an opportunity to make good buddies. Also, George says ‘People like us that deal with cattle ranches are the loneliest men in the world, they have got no household and they don’t belong no location.’ This shows that George can not live his life, George had killed Lennie due to the fact that he did not desire Lennie to have a slow and uncomfortable death. Lennie is a disabled and unsophisticated towering guy who always behaves like a child; the factor for this is due to the fact that Lennie has a disability, e. g.; a brain of a child.

George feels required to care and protect Lennie. Lennie always has George to take care of him/he does not have any friends, this reveals that he is lonesome. Also another factor is that Lennie likes soft things like animals, he likewise keeps a dead mouse in his pocket and George asks him ‘you gon na offer me that mouse or do I have to sock you?’ but then ultimately Lennie gives George the mouse. In the barn, Lennie is rubbing the puppy but since he rubs it with his giant hands, Lennie mistakenly eliminates the pup and hides the pup under the hay.

Then Curley’s spouse is available in the barn and speaks to him however Curley’s wife asks Lennie to feel her soft hair, so he does however strokes it too hard. Curley’s spouse then states to Lennie ‘you let go now, you will muss all of it out’ but Lennie simply holds on tight and kills her, he then begins to panic and creeps out of the barn and conceals in the bush, this shows that Lennie discovers it challenging to communicate with others. Curley’s partner is a sad female who is anonymous because she doesn’t have a name, the reason for this is since in the early days, females were not appreciated by men.

Curley’s wife mother does not appreciate her child since when a letter had actually come through the letter box; her mother concealed the letter so her daughter would never ever go to Hollywood to meet this male, so instead she married Curley to keep her business. She is the only woman on the ranch and is dealt with terribly by the men. Finally, another reason is that she has no assistance from Curley/ she is not enabled out of the home or not even permitted to talk with anyone, this shows that she is trapped and is Curley’s property. Candy is a geriatric and disabled guy who works at the ranch, e.; sweeping the bunkhouse. He has actually lost his precious pet due to the fact that Carlson had actually persuaded Sweet to shoot his dog, for instance; Carlson states to Sweet ‘that his canine stinks like hell and that the dog can’t even walk properly.’ However then Candy gives his pet to Carlson so he might shoot his pet with his Lugar pistol. When the guys remain in the bunkhouse, the stress starts to begin however Sweet had actually stared at the ceiling while George had rippled the cards ready to play the game with the other guys, this reveals that Sweet is rather lonesome without his dog and is very sad.

But sadly, Whit says,’ what the hell taking him so long!’ and this shows that Whit is extremely impatient and quite imply to Candy. Curley’s is a diminutive and envious man who has no regard for his better half and constantly get irritated by the other men on the ranch, e. g.; the guys flirting with his wife. He is constantly angry with life and is tough- hearted since he does not care about the other people, for example this reveals that Curley is senseless and bigoted. Due to the fact that of this, the males on the cattle ranch feel contempt for Curley which makes him separated although his dad owns the cattle ranch.

Scoundrels is a brief negro guy with a disfigured back. He has an uneven back because he got begun the back by a horse when he was quite young. Likewise, Crooks is the only coloured guy on the ranch and is in discomfort the majority of the time. Scoundrels is literate due to the fact that he sometimes checks out papers and books/and composes. When Lennie strolled into Crooks room, Crooks gets actually exasperated due to the fact that he is stating to Lennie that in the early times, coloured people were not appreciated, this reveals that he is caught and feels sad/feels really separated.

In general, I think George is the most loneliest individual on the cattle ranch because he always loses his task when Lennie enters into problem, for instance; when Lennie had actually seen this woman and touched her red gown the lady began shrieking however Lennie didn’t let go and had been accused of rape so for that George and Lennie had to leave Weed to discover another job somewhere else. Finally, When Lennie had actually passed away, George had actually felt even lonelier, and this reveals that George didn’t desire Lennie to have a slow and painful death caught in a cage. By Hannah Chapman

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