Of Mice And Men: George’s Decision To Kill Lenny And Commentary

Of Mice And Guy: George’s Decision To Eliminate Lenny And Commentary

Of Mice and Guy After reading the story Of Mice and Guy, I concurred with George’s decision however unethical it might seem. I do not fully excuse the death sentence but my opinion still stands. As I will discuss, it appears George had no other choice however to take the actions he did to make sure Lenny would not be eliminated by strangers cruelly and painfully. In such a way it was his obligation. I will explain my reasoning for this line of idea. If you read near completion of Act 3, you will see that George did not wish to eliminate Lenny, suggesting “Couldn’t we perhaps bring him in and lock him up?

He’s nuts, slim, he never done this to be mean.” Nevertheless Slim advised George that he would not be any good to himself or others that way. Just after Slim tells George “I believe there’s only one way to get him out of it,” that George chooses to eliminate Lenny. It is likewise noticeable when George raises the Luger just to have his hand shake and then fall back to the ground. George is constructed to be a monster in this book primarily since he eliminates Lenny however it was actually only his desperate option.

Mr. Moore has argued that he could have always run with him but why? To go to another town where Lenny will wish to “? touch’ something because it feels nice? Then they are back on the run much like previously. George did the only humane thing he might have thought about, to kill Lenny painlessly and rapidly prior to the other ranch hands got to him and tortured him. In such a way George was dealing with his responsibility, Lenny. Mr. Moore has likewise argued that this is treating him as a “? og’ so to speak, but given Lenny’s lack of knowing what is going on or how to control his strength or actions, there is no other way he might perhaps reside on his own, making George responsible for him as a moms and dad is responsible for looking after their kid. Now, if I remained in this scenario, I would have taken the way deemed more humane and worthy, to run with Lenny and hope the other ranch hands do not discover us on our way out. I state this only due to the fact that I wouldn’t have the ability to kill someone absolutely helpless and uninformed.

That still does not state that I disagree with George’s actions, that is for somebody different than I to do nevertheless. So generally I fully concur with what George did, nevertheless it would not be an action I would take myself. In conclusion, what George did remained in no way wrong to me, however this opinion is challenged by most of the class. Lenny was just a danger to himself and others, and does not appear to have the capacity to learn precisely how to behave the right way in these type of instances. They only gets himself, George and the specific involved hurt or scared.

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