Of Mice and Men: George and Lennie’s Relationship

Of Mice and Men: George and Lennie’s Relationship

Talk about how Steinbeck establishes George and Lennie’s character through his usage of description. Of Mice and Guy is a book set in Soledad, California following two migrant workers that stroll around finding work where they can. In the opening there is a sense of peace, calm and nature. It was extremely uncommon for migrant employees to go around together and Steinbeck makes the reader asks themselves concerns about the not likely partnership. George Milton was first described as thin, defined functions, little, fast, dark of face and agitated eyes.

George gets extremely mad and frustrated at Lennie and is frustrated with his life. He gets really angry when Lennie keeps plaguing him that he likes ketchup with his beans. George is explained likewise a fatherly figure to Lennie as he ’embraced’ Lennie from his Auntie Clara. He is extremely devoted and kind to Lennie as he might have just left him when Lennie entered into difficulty. George is very much safeguarding to Lennie and wants to keep him safe. He shows Lennie a place to go if he get himself into problem and George will satisfy him there.

George wants to make a much better life for himself and Lennie and wishes to try and raise a stake to purchase a little ranch where Lennie might do what he desired like tend the bunnies. He ignores risk signals in order to do this. George is very nervous when they get to the ranch as he senses that bad things are going to happen which he and Lennie remain in an unsafe scenario simply existing. Although it initially appears that Lennie solely relies George but George likewise counts on Lennie for friendship in the lonely environment of a migrant worker.

Lennie Small (the paradox in his name) was quite his reverse. He was substantial, he walked greatly, and he had a shapeless body and head. Lennie has the mind of a child and is consumed with soft things like soft materials, mice and bunnies and constantly wants to touch, feel and hold them. It offers him a sense of security, like a little kid holding a soft toy or blanket. Nevertheless Lennie does not know his own strength and will pick up a small animal like a mouse and will animal and squeeze it so hard that he will eliminate it and after that think that it was dead before he grabbed it.

Lennie’s love for soft things likewise gets him in a great deal of difficulty. In Weed he liked the look of a lady’s dress therefore he began to feel the fabric. The woman got frightened of the huge guy and started to scream as she thought she was going to be raped. This made Lennie hold on tighter as he got scared and as a result they were chased after out of Weed by men on horseback and dogs who were attempting to lynch them. Lennie is compared to four different animals in the book; a horse, a pet, a mouse and a bear.

Steinbeck says ‘Dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws.’ He is using this imagery to make us picture the way Lennie is walking and is likewise refer to as this to show how strong he is. He describes Lennie as a dog due to the fact that of his obedience to George. Lennie is referred to as a mouse since his child-like mental abilities render him as a helpless mouse and is described as a horse when he is consuming from the river, ‘Drank with long gulps, snorting into the water like a horse’.

Lennie is likewise a great employee, where two males will bring a bale together he will carry one by himself and at a quicker speed than they do. He has a very poor memory and keeps asking George where they are going, the only thing he can seem to keep in mind is that when they buy their own little ranch he will be able to tend to the rabbits. Lennie always wishes to please George and be like him. In the start we are told that Lennie is walking behind George even outdoors space. ‘Look George! Look what I done!’ This tells us that Lennie is always after George’s attention and approval.

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