Of Mice And Men – George and Lennie’s friendship

Of Mice And Male– George and Lennie’s relationship

There was something about George and Lennie’s relationship that actually made me believe. Seeing how they were and how they shared life was actually intresting. George didn’t have to trouble with Lennie, he could have abandoned him and gone on his own way. But he did refrain from doing that, he stayed with Lennie supervising him almost like a parent to a kid. Despite the fact that Lennie always got Georege in difficulty, George never stoped loving him and always stood by him.

The relationship they shared surpassed what was transparent they each shared a dream and both understood they ment the world to each other. I felt that if these totaly different individuals might get along and watch out for each other, why can’t we get along with people who are various than us. They made me recognize that I might learn something from how to deal with individuals who are different than me. What I also liked about it was the method they never ever stopped attempting to reach their dream.

This made me think that if they might work hard for there dream why can’t I. It showed me that it does not matter were you originate from or what you do, it is alright to dream and work as hard as you can to reach it. For all it shows for relationship and commitment it also shows how sometimes you have to do things you never ever believed you would do. For instance in the end when George is forced to shoot Lennie in the head you would never have thought he would do that, but you can see that under the situations he had no other option.

He only had two choices let the other people get to him first and enjoy them abuse Lennie while he passed away a long terrible death or do it himself and get it over fast were Lennie did not understand what struck him. This is also true in life, lot of times we are faced with tuff choices and although they might be the hardest you will have to go through, you know that is the only method. You pertain to the awareness that everything you thought you had to do with, can all change with a blink of the eye.

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