Of Mice and Men. Gender Race and Power

Of Mice and Male. Gender Race and Power

Robert Gender, Race, and Power In todays society, gender and race play a huge role in these modern times. This issue is primarily impacted towards Hispanics and African Americans because they can’t get a task just cause of their ethnicity. When people consider Latinos or African Americans, the first idea is lazy, however in truth they work for their pay similar to everyone else would. The book Of Mice & & Guy by John Steinbeck is a best example of these situations. Power is another major problem at hand in the story and in life because power is restricted on how it is utilized.

Curley, Curley’s wife and Crooks have their own power to what they own but due to the fact that of their Gender and Ethnicity, they have their own benefits. Curley was the child of the one in charge and because of that he had power over others but didn’t have their respect. Curley’s power was restricted however since he had that power he was pugnacious, and battled with Lennie. The reason he battled with Lennie was due to the fact that he was slow however when they fought Curley lost. “Curley stepped over to Lennie like a terrier.” “What the hell you laughing at? … he slashed at Lennie with his left, and after that smashed down his nose with a right … Curley’s fist was swinging when Lennie reached for it. The nest minute Curley was tumbling like a fish on a line. “(Steinbeck 62, 63). Curley understood Lennie’s strength however still decided to eliminate him and at the end he had his hand broken. In spite of Curley’s Rage and pugnacious mindset he wasn’t well appreciated because of how he dealt with the others. Curley’s Partner was pretty but likewise was a huge flirt with a big ego.

Her ego made her some what on the leading because she was the one in charge’ boys partner and that gave her authority. Because Curley’s partner was a lady she could not be bridled with but she might be talked bad about. When Curley’s spouse went into the barn searching for Curley, she saw Crooks, Lennie, and Sweet talking and when she was speaking with much, Crooks lost his anger and out spoke. She threatened to lynch him. “‘You know what I could do? “… “Well you keep your place then, Nigger. I might get you strung up on a tree so easy it’s not even funny. ‘”( 81 ).

Curley’s wife is isolated due to the fact that she is a woman and is considered unimportant. Though she is a female she has her own power but due to the fact that of her gender, it is minimal therefore she feels alone. “. Why can’t I speak to you? I never get to speak with any person. I get dreadful lonely. ‘”( 86) Her gender, race, and her power are shown but not her feelings for her lifestyle. Aside her sensation and what she reveals, she is a needy lady and somewhat harsh. Though Crooks is a Black man he is a hell of a good employee, so he states himself. When he speaks with Lennie and Candy he feels pleasure blended with anger.

When Curley’s other half comes in and threatens him, he feels small and scared and feels like he lost power and privileges over his room and recognizes he is black and should not have back talked her. He understands what she might do to him for what he did, so she says her self. “She closed on him. “You understand what I could do? “… “Well, you keep your place then … I could get you strung up so simple it ain’t funny. ‘”(80, 81). Due to the fact that she was a white woman and in charge’ son’s Partner she had supremacy over him therefore he felt alone at that moment.

He didn’t recognize the cruelness of white folk when he was younger but as he grew older he did, mainly since of where he slept and the way he was dealt with. “‘Why ain’t you desired? “… “Cause I’m black. They play cards in there, however I can’t play because I’m black … ‘”( 68 ). This shows how individuals dealt with blacks and since Criminals was black he was left out from lots of activities. Additionally, because Criminals was black he was removed from everyone but he was a great person with insecurity and was a hard worker. Gender, race, and power are bottom lines in todays financial and political times.

Primarily since lady can’t govern, so others state, a nation. In our times African Americans and Latinos can’t get an excellent paying task since of who they are. In the novel, the characters faced seclusion, primarily affected to Curley’s other half and Scoundrels. Curley and his Wife had no problem anticipate cockiness and isolation but still had more opportunities then others on the ranch, but their power caused them to have no regard from the others. Citation Page Steinbeck, John Of Mice & & Guys U. S. A Convici Friede Inc, 1937

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