Of Mice and Men Final Project Choices

Of Mice and Guys Final Job Choices

!.?.!? Of Mice and Guy: Final Task Choices Each project should be cool and arranged. Effort should be visible. The grade is based on creativity, neatness, accuracy, and effort. Pick a job that interest your own personal skills and interests. (There is a huge distinction in between something you write in a couple of minutes and something you put time into). Choose AMONG the following: Poem– compose one long poem (at least 30 lines) or a minimum of 3 short poems (amounting to at least 30 lines) in the kind of your choosing about the story, a style from the story, or one or more of the characters.

The poem can be from your own perspective or it can be from the viewpoint of one of the characters– for example, Lennie is composing the poem or George, etc. (I don’t desire elementary school rhyming “roses are red/violets are blue/Lennie is sweet/and George is, too.”– I desire thought and insight.) Create a five-frame cartoon strip or, if you are more determined, an animation motion flipbook that records what occurs in the scene from the novel that is most memorable to you. Develop a mobile or collage (at least 11 x 14) that records one crucial aspect of the story– it can be about one character or one style or one symbol, etc. When making a collage, the poster board need to be filled). On a different, typed piece, compose a description for each product you selected to consist of. Explain: why did you include it, what does it represent? Capture your impressions of George or Lennie in any kind you choose (drawing, collage, paper mache, essay, etc.) Compose a quick description of your image. Write/perform a song/rap identifying an aspect of the story. (Make certain when you compose it, it looks like a song composed in stanzas with a chorus. Develop an online literary scrapbook. Utilizing PowerPoint, gather images, backgrounds, text, video, clipart and noise that support a style or concept from the novel. Limitation the quantity of text you use, similar to a personal scrapbook. Consist Of a Works Mentioned slide at the end with citations of sources you used. The “scraps” you consist of should be justified– you’ll explain why they are very important to the understanding of the style or concept you chose. You may choose to do something else that is innovative which represents the tory in some way, but you must get the job authorized initially. (Think something with computer systems.) Epilogue– Write an epilogue (a concluding part contributed to a literary work) in which you discuss– utilizing whatever tense and tone the author did– what occurred to the character(s) next. Censorship Defense– Of Mice and Guy has been often challenged by special interest groups. These groups frequently feel that this novel is unsuitable for high school trainees to read since of nasty language, violence, and the presentation of stereotypical perspectives.

You need to decide whether you agree or disagree with this argument and compose a letter to the editor of a newspaper safeguarding your viewpoint of this issue. You must use particular details from the book and information you discover about censorship to support your opinion. Take on the persona of 2 characters from the novel. These two characters will have selected to communicate after the death of Lennie. You need to write 2 letters each (4 total) that are exchanges that pen pals may have.

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