“Of Mice and Men” Dbq

“Of Mice and Men” Dbq

Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Guy depicts the American Dream through the journey of two friends, Lennie and George, as they seek to accomplish their personal goals. Along the method, they come across a variety of challenges that challenge their capability to reach their dreams. Steinbeck further introduces to the world the idea of the “American Dream” by making use of Lennie and George’s life experiences taking a trip throughout the United States in their pursuit of joy to enlighten others of the hardships of the Great Anxiety.

Steinbeck provides a photo of a positive dream that was sought after by lots of throughout the Great Anxiety. This dream was to enjoy a life that was “much better and richer and fuller for everybody …” (Document C). Lennie and George’s imagine “owning a farm, which would enable them to sustain themselves and provide them defense,’ (File D), represents their desire to be self adequate and secure doing not have the struggles and difficulties that the common individual who lived throughout the Great Anxiety experienced.

For example, Lennie, who is psychologically challenged, consistently begs George to describe their dream to him. This dream encompasses their capability to own their extremely own home. It would be their choice to leave or remain, reliant of how they felt at the time. This seemed to be a high-end that Lennie and George considered as for the privileged. This is supported by the quote “What troubles us travelin’ people most is we can’t get no place to stay still,” (File A) by showing that it was hard to discover a good place to settle with a secure job.

Aside from the battle to find a good area to own a house, a number of aspects postponed the pursuit of Lennie and George’s dream. For example, when Candy overhears Lennie and George speaking of their dreams, he wants in. Candy has a sum of cash he wants to contribute towards a deposit on a house. It is then exposed to the reader that a person of the elements to the delay of the progression towards their dream was the absence of cash.

Lennie’s mental inabilities, also contributed to the fact that George and Lennie remained drifters. It was very tough for them to keep the very same job because Lennie was always acting like a shenanigan with his fixation of soft particles. This fixation caused a misunderstanding early on when a girl thought that Lennie was trying to rape her when he only wished to feel her soft red gown. Although the site of their dream at times appeared to be more practical, Lennie’s shortcomings prevented the development toward their dream. In spite of

Lennie’s shortcomings, both Lennie and George got hope through Lennie’s repetitive requests for George’s viewpoint on their intense future. Steinbeck unveils the significance of hope during the early 1930’s (Great Anxiety) as a driver to get rid of overwheliming misery attribute of this time period. (Document B). Today we are still challenged to push through our hardships in the pursuit of our dreams. The American Dream today presses us to believe that we can accomplish anything we want to sacrifice and work hard to attain.

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