Of Mice And Men Curley S Wife Essay

Of Mice And Guy Curley S Partner Essay

Essay Question: What do we learn more about the character of Curley’s other half and how she reacts to others? In Of Mice and Guy, we see numerous different sides of Curley’s partner. We are first presented to her near the beginning of the book and she plays a huge function towards the conclusion of the book. Her flirty character leads to her being eliminated by Lennie, in a confused state. Candy, the old swamper, introduces us to Curley’s wife throughout his first discussion with George and Lennie. Sweet tells them that Curley’s spouse is a “tart”. The truth that Curley’s better half is presented to us with having “the eye” tells us that she is ery flirtatious with other men in the ranch in spite of having a partner (Curley). The reality that we, the readers, are introduced to Curley’s wife through destructive rumours indicates that already the reader has a negatively biased opinion on Curley’s spouse and ladies in basic at those times. Curley’s other half is first physically introduced to us in the entrance of the bunkhouse where George and Lennie are at, requesting the whereabouts of her spouse. She is referred to as using “a cotton house dress and red mules” which had “arrangements of red ostrich feathers” on the insteps. In the description of Curley’s partner’s clothing the colour red is repeated nd highlighted sometimes. Red is frequently referred to as the colour of love and passion, which even more emphasizes her sexual and flirty character. Also the “bouquets of red ostrich plumes” on her insteps would have most likely been extremely costly at the time of the Great Anxiety and the fact that she uses them in the middle of a dirty and dirty environment where they could quickly be messed up informs us that she is desperate to catch the attention of the employees and to likewise impress them regardless of having an other half, more highlighting her character as a “tart”. Curley’s partner is hated by the ranch employees.

When she goes into the space of Crooks, Sweet and Criminals are “frowning down far from her eyes”. This tells us that they are either scared of Curley’s spouse or that they are aware of the fact that anything involving Curley’s other half can bring no great. In either case the use of the word “scowling” tells us that the existence of Curley’s other half upsets Crooks and Candy. This tells us that all of the ranch workers do not like Curley’s better half as they know that there will be difficulty if they ever speak with her. Curley’s partner is not just referred to as being flirty however she is also shown to be vicious at times.

Given That Crooks and Candy keep disregarding her she gets frustrated and takes off when Crooks defends himself by stating threatening comments like “I might get you strung up on a tree so simple it ain’t even amusing”. This triggers Crook to understand his location in society and causes him to end up being very weak. This informs us that at the time the words of a white lady transcended to that of a black male. This likewise stresses the amount of bigotry during the Great Anxiety. Throughout the exact same scene, you begin to see a new side of Curley’s wife and begin to see the solitude she feels. We see this hen Curley”s other half says to Crooks, Candy and Lennie stating that she is speaking with “a bunch of bindle stiffs … an’ likin’ it because they ain’t nobody else”. This makes us understand the reason why she acts flirtatiously around the cattle ranch employees. This is because she feels lonely as she is the only lady on the ranch and although she has a hubby he barely spends any time in your home or with her. This shows that although Curley’s spouse wed Curley, he considers her as nothing more than a things. Curley’s better half’s last appearance has a big influence on how we see her. While the other ranch employee’s were playing orseshoe, Curley tells Lennie about the time which could have altered her life completely. She informs him that she could have been “in the motion pictures”. In this line Steinbeck utilizes extremely creative irony. The reality that she wishes to be under the spot light is unrealistic as all she ever does is cast shadows on herself and draw in negative attention. Although, Lennie is not really thinking about her stories, we find out about the true presonality of Curley’s wife, her innocence and her desperate need to leave the situation she remains in. At the scene of her death her pure personality is highlighted.

This is conveyed to us when her face is described as being “sweet and young” and that her “pains for attention was all opted for her face”. The word ‘ache’ informs us that Curley’s partner’s desperate need for attention was so strong that it started to harm her. When she dies she is no longer potrayed in a negative light but is instead displayed in a very positive light. When she dies likewise the atmosphere in the ranch changes. This is shown to us when in the book it states the “sun streaks were high up on the walls” and the barn was light again. This might be that John Steinbeck is attempting to use useless fallacy y attempting to tell us that the favorable change in the weather show the positive modifications in the mood and appearance of Curley’s partner. Despite all the favorable modifications in her personality there are great deals of various things that made her death unavoidable. We see this when even though Lennie states he likes petting soft things which most of the things he animals dies she still lets Lennie touch her hair. This informs us that her never ever ending desire for attention, in the end, foreshadowed her death and ultimately result in it. We can see that the factor for Curley’s wife’s hostility towards the ranch workers is due to the fact that of constant betrayals from hem (eg. Curley because he wed her however never ever revealed any indications of love towards her.) and because her needs for attention weren’t satisfied. To Curley, Curley’s partner is simply a prize which he displays to individuals. The fact that her genuine name is never ever discussed informs us that individuals on the ranch showed no indications of interest in Curley’s partner. The reality that she resides in the boss’s home which she is wed to the boss’s boy makes her a female of power although she is dealt with as one of the lowest in the hierarchy of individuals at the ranch in terms of flexibility and rights. This isolation causes Curley’s wife to make individuals ho remain in a low position feel even worse so that she feels more crucial, effective and authorative. We see this when she goes into Crooks room and states “They left all the weak ones here”. This informs us that she believes that she is superior to Crooks, Sweet and Lennie although Steinbeck does not give her the dignity of having a name. In conclusion, I think that even though she is a complicated and harsh character often, she never ever intended on or thought herself to be a flirty person. Although she typically acted like one, there were hints informing us why she was acting this way and that her real personality was nenver plainly revealed.

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