Of mice and men crooks diray entry

Of mice and guys crooks diray entry

Scoundrels Diary Entry Tonight Leonie an’ Candy was available in to my room. I argued with Leonie first informing’ him he auntie got no best to come in to my space. However the persistent person didn’t comprehend and jus’ came in anyhow. He was saying’ he wanted to tend some pup of his. I let him remain and can be found in. Leonie started talking’ to me bout bunnies and a place he, sweet and George was goanna get. I told him he was nuts, Jus’ nuts. However Leonie kept stating’ an’ repeating’ ‘it aunt no lie’ and Were goanna do it’. I do not understand what made me listen to him and open up bout’ my past however I did anyways.

He made me kind’ feel comfy and unwinded. I decided to tease him, an’ I began Joking’ bout George not coming’ back. Course the big fell thought me. Gullible. However then Leonie started to get mad, genuine mad. He scared the hell tout’ me !! So I reassured him I was kidding around with him. Candy then Joined us been’ all polite to me so I let him remain too. Hell I needed some business. We was all talking’ bout’ the dream. An’ I started to truly believe it. Stating’ I would help out on the farm do some odd Jobs for them. An’ then Curlers wife walked in.

Candy stood up to her telling her she had no right to be here. But she didn’t listen. She was making’ me genuine mad so I snapped on her. Yelling’ at her to go out. The Tart then silenced me stating’ I was a Niger and I had no right. Hell with her!!! I stayed quiet up until she left. George then showed up informing ‘Leonie off for been’ here. I said it was alright and they all left. However before sweet left I toll’ him I was jus’ kidding’ bout’ doing’ them odd Jobs on the farm. An’ I toll’ him to forget it. I’m a steady buck Niger. Dreams like those can’t come true for people like me.

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