Of Mice and Men – Crooks

Of Mice and Guy– Crooks

Crooks is condemned to loneliness because of the color of his skin. When Lennie gets in Crooks space, Crook expresses his anger due to the fact that of the intrusion of his personal privacy. He is in fact really happy to have company because he is really lonesome. Scoundrels states to Lennie “S’pose you might’nt go into the bunkhouse and play rummy cause you was black a person goes nuts if he aint got nobody”. This is the factor Crooks is so happy that Lennie will speak with him in spite of his race, and frantically desires Lennie to stay and speak with him.

Criminals has been separated for a long period of time due to the fact that he is black, but is delighted to understand that Lennie is willing to speak with him. Curley’s better half is a prime example of a person who tried to avoid being lonely by doing something she knew she really didn’t want to do. She wed Curley due to the fact that she recognizes that there isn’t anyone else in the area which she would be alone without him. Her decision is an odd one due to the fact that it appears that she has an even lonelier life with Curley and his jealous methods.

In the novel she does not even have her own name which recommends that she isn’t an individual by herself, but Curley’s belongings. Curley’s wife wed Curley to avoid from being lonesome, as an outcome she discovered herself to be lonelier than she was in the past. In Steinbeck’s novel he displays how solitude can tempt individuals to end up being self-centered and damage another being for friendship. Two examples he uses is Sweet and his pet and George and Lennie. Sweet has a strong bond with his pet dog and would have been extremely lonesome if it weren’t for him.

Even though eliminating him would be the best thing for the canine, since of its aging and sickly body, Sweet can not bear to consider eliminating his only companion. Carlson discusses to him that “You ain’t respected him keepin’ him alive,” this persuades Sweet that the pet dog ought to be eliminated. The relationship in between George and Lennie is very comparable. George has grown connected to Lennie as a buddy similar to Candy’s attachment to his pet. Steinbeck even goes as far as explaining Lennie as though he is a pet dog: “Lennie covered his face with huge paws”.

George understands that if he were to keep Lennie alive it would be more for his sake than for Lennie’s, so he eliminates Lennie. These 2 examples show simply how selfish people can be when it becomes alone. Steinbeck shows in different methods the results of not wishing to be alone and how people try to avoid it. In this unique nearly every character reveals their worry of being lonesome. The theme of loneliness can be discovered in Crooks not wanting Lennie to leave, Curley’s dull marriage, and the relationship in between Sweet and his pet dog and George and Lennie.

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