Of Mice and Men: Comparing the Movie and the Book

Of Mice and Men: Comparing the Motion Picture and the Book

The motion picture of Of Mice and Males had lots of differences while still providing the very same message that the book was represented to have. Among the significant differences was that Candy never came into the room when Lennie and Crooks were speaking with each other. This was significant since Crooks never ever learnt that the strategy was true about the little home. In the book after he heard Sweet speak about it he wished to participate the offer. Also the motion picture it never showed Lennie have his illusions of his Aunt Carla and the rabbits when he was waiting by the pond.

The last significant difference was that George never ever thought twice to shoot Lennie in the film and in the book it was really difficult for him. After George shot Lennie, Slim pertained to comfort George and take him out for a drink. < The characters in the novel and the movie had numerous distinctions. In the book George was shown to dislike Curley with an enthusiasm. In the movie George didn't appear to like Curley excessive but he absolutely didn't dislike him like in the book. In the film Curley's spouse appeared to be attracted to Lennie and enjoyed his presence since he was great.

In the book she talked with him only because she was amused by Lennie’s stupidity. Lennie was described as a beast in the book and, “his shoulders could fill the entrance.” In the movie he was more powerful and bigger than the others were but not to the extreme quantity that the book depicted him to be. Every other thing about Lennie was incredibly as the book told it. < I felt that the motion picture was terrific and I loved it as much as I loved the book. I would give the movie a 10 since it was so fantastic.

The only parts that I didn’t like were in completion it didn’t make me as unfortunate as the book made me feel. I felt so into the dream the Lennie and George shared that I was sad when it was destroyed. I make sure that if I didn’t enjoy the film in a class I would have gotten more out of it but none the less it was a work of art. Unlike all of the other movies that are translated from a book this one was quite precise to the book. It was really difficult to mention the differences from the book and that is why I delighted in seeing the movie a lot.

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