Of Mice and Men Character Analysis: Crooks

Of Mice and Male Character Analysis: Crooks

name Professer English 11 A 13 January 2013 Crooks (called for his jagged back) is the stable hand who works on the cattle ranch. He was born free on land owned by his dad. When Crooks was young, he played with white kids and lived in freedom from racists. He lives now by himself in a barn on the ranch because he is the only black male on the cattle ranch. Crooks is bookish and likes to keep his space neat, however he has actually been beaten down by loneliness and prejudicial treatment and now he is defensive to whatever. Crooks hesitates to take compassion from anyone because he is avoided for being black and crippled.

Lennie’s quick conversation with Crooks demonstrates how although he is paralyzed he is likewise wise and exposes different characters see on blacks. Though Scoundrels was born in California (not like the majority of blacks in California that had actually migrated there, he implies), he is made to feel like an outsider since he is black, even in his home state. Scoundrels is painfully conscious that his skin color is all that keeps him separate from everybody else on the ranch. This status of being an outsider who does not being causes him to sorrow in his solitude, however he seems to take pleasure in and even provoke the isolation of others, possibly since anguish enjoys business.

He was forced to oversleep a separate bunk than the others. As he is caught alone every night with no one to talk he quickly resorts to books as his only buddy. Attempting to put himself out there as happy and strong, but within is happy to be around the other males. Crooks first attempted to make Lennie leave his space however then he chose that Lennie would not comprehend and that he really desired someone to talk with. Throughout his discussion with Lennie Crooks discusses his solitude on the cattle ranch. “I seen it over an’ over a person talkin’ to another man and it don’t make no distinction if he do not hear or comprehend. Although he is speaking to Lennie about George, he is in fact speaking of his own life. Criminals knows that Lennie is sluggish and will not comprehend or care to understand what he is in fact speaking about. He needs someone, someone to talk with, a good friend. After Lennie explains the dream that George and he need to Crooks, Crooks provides to work all of the unclean unwanted jobs that the others would rather refrain from doing. Then he decides that he does not want to deal with rejection. “I do not wan na go to no location like that. I ‘d never ever wan na go to a place like that”

Crooks, unlike the other males, reads books. He grew up as a totally free guy, an equivalent to the whites. While he is not a slave on the cattle ranch, he absolutely is not treated fairly. His knowledge just contributes to his anger and isolation that he feels since he knows what it could be like, he knows that this is wrong. By checking out, Crooks is passing time and gaining knowledge, but being with another human being on the ranch would be far more important to him than any book he might ever read. Scoundrels mores than happy to speak with Lennie because he does not have much contact with any one on the ranch.

When Candy enters his space he is happy to have somebody else to speak with however he does not show this, “It was hard to hide his satisfaction with anger. ” Crooks does not wish to show them he likes the attention due to the fact that he does not want them to overcome him, this is due to the fact that he has currently suffered too much at the hands of white individuals. Crooks is put in this story to demonstrate how blacks are dealt with today. He also shows how loneness affects a person gradually, and how being wise can subdue being strong sometimes.

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