Of Mice and Men – Chapter 1 – How Lennie and George’s Relationship Develops (May Need Editing…)

Of Mice and Guys– Chapter 1– How Lennie and George’s Relationship Develops (May Requirement Modifying …)

How does George and Lennie’s relationship establish in the very first chapter? George and Lennie have a close relationship as we found in the very first chapter and it is practically like a father/son relationship. Although throughout the chapter George sounds as if he is putting Lennie down and destroying his joyous spirit, it is in fact to secure him from harm from the outdoors world and does is through love. George uses adult characteristics towards Lennie which reveals that he thinks he transcends to Lennie.

When we are very first introduced to the characters of George and Lennie the writer tells us they remain in ‘single file’. This right away alerts the reader of the kind of relationship George and Lennie share. We could utilize this quote to symbolise the video game ‘Follow the Leader’ revealing us that George is the ‘leader’ and is the responsible carer. This is reinforced by the quantity of times George has told him to not say anything when they look for work so they don’t find out ‘what an insane bastard you are’.

Likewise George nearly sounds as if he is making Lennie feel inferior on function as after he advised Lennie not to say anything he made him say it aloud not simply as soon as but three times. This made Lennie feel small, regardless of his height, as he ‘droned himself gently’ whilst he told himself and George that he ‘ain” t gon na state nothin’…’. This informs the reader that in this father/son relationship, George is the remarkable father and Lennie is the errant kid. You can see this again on page sixteen where Lennie beckons for the story of their dream once again.

This could be similar to the manner in which an adult reads a kid a bedtime story, once again revealing us their type of relationship. As an outcome of the superiority getting higher from George it winds up in George ranting to Lennie about a life he could have without Lennie. He climaxes with ‘An’ whatta I got … I got you! … You insane son-of-a-bitch.’ This looks like the sort of argument 2 bros would have rather than a dad and a child. This reveals that Lennie’s fear he develops of George in the chapter looks like that of a more youthful brother or sister.

Though George does attempt to secure Lennie like an older sibling should, he stops working at times similar to bros do. After consuming from the pool early on in this chapter, Lennie mimics George’s actions as ‘he pulled his hat down a little bit more over his eyes, the way George’s hat was.’ Our instant response is that Lennie appreciated George like a good example by the quote, ‘the method George’s was’ recommends that he is imitating George like a young kid would do to a father.

We also notice that throughout this chapter Lennie says some remarks ‘cleverly’ possibly as an effort to throw George of his preliminarily judgment. This could likewise suggest that Lennie is trying to be saucy towards his father-like design as any kid would. We can sense throughout that George several times sympathizes with Lennie by the phrase ‘bad bastard’. It not only informs us that there’s a sense of sympathy however he imitates a daddy to try and help him viewing as he is looking after him on his own because his auntie died and he is attempting to assist him get a task.

This when again tells us of their valuable relationship they have. As we learn from the first chapter of this story, each of the males offers something for the other that he does not have. For instance, Lennie provides love and trust and above all, particularly throughout the time of the Great Depression, the sustaining of the dream. For Lennie, George is the thinker, coordinator and protector. These sorts of features of George strengthen the idea of a father/son relationship instead of a sibling relationship. This reveals the close relationship these 2 differently minded guys have.

In conclusion, throughout this chapter their relationship differs in the way that different actions they both carry out can symbolise different relationships as George differs from the remarkable father figure to the conceited brother-like character. I believe that although they are going through a difficult time, their relationship is strengthening due to the reality that they require each other to make it through whether that’s for the support or for the physical preparation and without either among them, this story would be greatly various.

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