Of Mice and Men Book Review

Of Mice and Guy Reserve Review

Of Mice and Male is the story of George, the main lead character, who is little in stature together with his good friend Lennie Small whom George takes care of as a favor to Lennie’s auntie. Lennie, a man huge in stature and easy minded, likes to pet soft things. This is why they are looking for work at the start of the story. George and Lennie are farmhands by trade who continuously have to look for work throughout parts of California since Lennie, being mentally disabled, constantly gets them into difficulty.

George and Lennie discover work at a nearby farm gathering grain, but before going George tells Lennie that if he enters into trouble again to satisfy him in a specific designated spot to conceal away from the farm. George and Lennie stick together because of the human need for friendship in order to avoid solitude. The other common style in the book is the American dream, and how this dream goes wrong for George and Lennie, which represents the reality for the majority of America throughout the Great Depression.

George and Lennie’s relationship is a strange one because farmhands tend to wander from farm to farm on their own. There tends to be a high level of isolation that exists in this nomadic life style. Steinbach shows the significance of friendship and how everyone needs to have someone to talk to even if it is someone like Lennie.

Nobody wishes to be alone in this world and this includes George. George explains this fear when he says, “I ain’t got no individuals. I seen people that go around on cattle ranches alone. That ain’t no good … Course Lennie’s a damn problem the majority of the time, but you get utilized to goin’ around with a person an’ you can’t eliminate him” (45 ).

George doesn’t want to be alone, and Lennie can’t truly be alone due to his absence of mental prowess. Their desire for social friendship is similarly based on a common dream which is that someday they will own their own farm together.

The American dream or the yeomen farmer’s dream is to have a plot of land to call their own. George and Lennie dream and talk frequently about how one day they will have a little piece of land together which they will have the ability to “live off the fatta the lan’.” Lennie’s dream within their dream is to be able to raise bunnies that he can animal whenever he desires under the arrangement that he is great.

This imagine how their future will be, presses them to keep trying to make their dream of becoming self-employed farm owners a truth. This dream; nevertheless, takes a bad turn because of a woman who is married to Curley, the farm owner’s kid.

Curley’s partner takes interest in Lennie one night when the majority of the farmhands go into town. Lennie informs her that he likes to pet soft things, and Curley’s wife tells Lennie that he can pet her soft hair. Lennie, not understanding fully, animals her hair until she begins to scream. Her screams scare Lennie, who does not wish to disappoint George by getting into trouble again, so he starts to shake her up until her neck breaks.

Recognizing that he did something wrong, Lennie leaves for his predetermined hiding location like he promised George at the beginning of the story. The imagine George and Lennie arrives to an abrupt halt because of this unintentional death that was by no methods deliberate on the part of Lennie.

This novel illustrates how the American dream, just like George and Lennie’s, pertained to a crashing end for lots of Americans throughout the Great Anxiety of the 1930s. Steinback brings to the forefront the poor working conditions that existed in California throughout the 1930s which corresponds preciously with our history books.

Historian Cletus E. Daniel, in Bitter Harvest: A History of California Farmworkers, 1870-1941, discusses traditionally: By the twentieth century, employment in California’s large-scale agriculture had actually come to suggest irregular work, continuous motion, low salaries, squalid working and living conditions, social isolation, emotional deprivation, and specific powerlessness so profound as to make occupational improvement a virtual impossibility.

Steinbach had the ability to take this reality and portray these struggling farmers lives and dreams precisely since he hung out dealing with them. His novel helps the typical person to in order to much better understand what it was like to live throughout the 1930s anxiety.

Of Mice and Men, is composed in a simple way because it describes easy people. Steinbach uses the course, unrefined language utilized by a lot of farmhands of the day to assist the speaker experience what it resembled to be a farm worker during the 1930s.

The book ends on a tragic note with George having to shoot Lennie in the back of the head prior to a mob of farmhands, led by Curley who was seeking vengeance, reaches him. George takes Lennie’s life to extend mercy to him because he knows that Curley would have done worse things to Lennie rather than just putting him out of his torment.

The fantastic catastrophe of the story is that George, in spite of inner chaos, is required to eliminate his good friend Lennie, his very same friend that set him apart from the other workers. With the killing of Lennie also eliminates their dream to one day own land together. At the end George laments on his lost dream saying, “I think I knowed from the really initially. I think I knowed we ‘d never do her.

He usta like to find out about it so much I got to thinking possibly we would” (103 ). Steinback shows that in some cases one has to compromise their dreams in order to survive which isn’t always simple to do in the land of dreams, America.

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