Of Mice And Men Book Report

Of Mice And Men Book Report

George is an extremely patient individual. He watches out for Lennie and works with him side by side. Though, Often Lennie can be rather a problem to George and get them into trouble. George is never able to work alone and make a great deal of cash. He has to look after Lennie, and he has since they were little. “Well, he seen this lady in a red gown. Dumb bastard like he is, he wishes to touch ever’ thing he likes?” This reveals when Lennie and George have to lack Weed since of Lennie.

Lennie obviously gets in the way of work. Scoundrels is a really shady character. He likes to be alone, but enjoys business. Considering that everybody treats him with no respect, he deserves he has the right to treat them the very same. When Lennie speak with Crooks, Crooks gets very upset and offers him a little persuasion. “S’pose George do not return no more, S’pose he took a powder and simply ain’t comin’ back?” Scoundrels wants Lennie to feel lonely with him.

All Crooks truly wants is to be equivalent, however he understands everybody will ever treat him similarly. “Well, you keep your location then, Nigger?” When Curley’s better half says this, he feels nothing will ever alter. Curley’s other half wishes to be a star. She wishes to be on the tv and be popular. Although, now that she’s married to Curley she has no power over her life and Curley decides what she does. All she can do at the cattle ranch is speak to the men who do not even see her as a buddy, but as prison bait.

Curley does not like her speaking with the guys, and he won’t speak with her. Curley’s better half is extremely lonesome sometimes. “Coulda’ remained in the motion pictures, an’ had good clothes-all them good clothing like they wear?” Since she dated an old sweetheart, she wants to become a star. Steinbeck has a lot of fantastic characters in this book that make the book very interesting. Everybody has dreams they ‘d like to meet, however unfortunately these characters all have something in the way of their dreams.

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