Of Mice and Men: Book Report

Of Mice and Guy: Book Report

In the unique Of Mice and Male, John Steinbeck reveals the possibilities and impacts of life on Lennie, Crooks and George. It reveals a view of two outsiders struggling to understand their own special locations on the planet.

Although Lennie does not have the potential to be clever, he has the possible to be a difficult worker. Lennie is a very large guy who was extremely strong. Although he was a terrific employee, he did not understand how strong he was. George discusses Lennie’s strength by saying “that big bastard can put up more grain alone than a lot of pairs can,”(p. 34) Through his size and his enormous amount of strength, Lennie could odo more work on the ranch by himself than all the other men could.

Without George, Lennie does not understand what to do. He will do whatever George tells him to. Lennie’s first impulse when he is frightened is to hang on. Simply as a small child hangs on to its mum or daddy when they end up being scared, Lennie hangs on to objects, he can not believe of anything aside from to hang on to the nearby things till it all goes away, potentially as a method of security?

Due to the fact that of Lennie’s failure to understand his strength, he ends up being scared and attempts to silence Curley’s wife, she had informed him to stroke her hair due to the fact that it was soft, but then she begins to shout as she thinks that he is trying to assualt her, and, as a result, she ends up being killed: “She took Lennie’s hand and put it on her head … And then she sobbed angrily … Lennie’s fingers closed on her hair and held on … He shook her and her body tumbled like a fish … And after that she was still”(p. 91).

Lennie did not comprehend his strength and ended up being frightened. He wound up breaking Curley’s wife neck.

Unlike Lennie, Crooks’ capacity is his knowledge, and Crooks has the capability to use this understanding to attempt to leave the issues he has on the ranch; however, Crooks has an oldfashioned mindset that black individuals are not as excellent as white individuals, and selects to disregard his understanding. He also utilizes it to reveal his ideas and sensations to Lennie. “Books ain’t no excellent. A person needs someone to be near him. A person goes nuts if ain’t got nobody”(p. 72).

After Lennie had killed Curley’s other half, the guys on the cattle ranch turn versus him. George realises that there is no possible way that they can leave and live out their dream on the farm. He likewise realises that Lennie is going to be most brutally beaten and murdered, to let him leave from them, he painlessly shoots him in the back of the head, hoping that Lennie will go on to a much better location.

Unlike Lennie or Crooks, George has the possible to be his own manager. If George does not work hard enough he will not attain his objective his dream will be squashed. George has always had the dream that him and Lennie would move away from all the other people and live off the land on their very own farm.

George says: ‘”We ‘d just go there, we would not ask no one if we might”(p. 14). George strives to save his money so he can purchase the ranch: “If me an’ Lennie work one month an’ do not spen’ absolutely nothing, well have a hundred dollars”(p. 46). When Lennie breaks Curley’s partner’s neck, George recognizes that the dream is lost. Candy says:” ‘You an’ me can get that little place, can’t we George?’… Sweet dropped his head and looked down at the hay. He knew”(p. 95). Without Lennie, George feels there is no hope.With the death of Lennie, George loses all hope.

Of Mice and Guy began quite rapidly, and I didnt even considerputting it away. Throughout the novel, readers can get an insight into what it is like to live those character’s lives. The book follows the lives of Lennie and George and what they go through to survive.To me, this is a story about the relationship in between to life long friends who go through all kinds of feelings together and depend on each other.

This book is’nt about anyone popular or abundant, simply two typical guys who were pals, counting on each other. These two males had an easy imagine one day surviving on their own plot off the land and being genuinely happy, in a non-material method. The various dialect and language of this book actually has made an enduring impression. I believe everybody should read this book since in some way we can all associate with it.

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