My Beloved World Essay Topics

My Precious World Essay Topics

1. In thePreface, Sotomayor states, “However experience has actually taught me that you can not value dreams according to the odds of their coming to life. Their real value remains in stirring within us the will to strive” (8 ). In what methods does she think focusing excessive on product rather than procedure can lead one astray?

2. When Sotomayor was 7, she was diagnosed with diabetes, which she calls a gift. Why does she call it this, and in what ways does it shape the way she approaches any and all challenges in life?

3. How does Sotomayor’s understanding of what it suggests to be informed modification over the course of her story?

4. Assessing her dad’s death from alcohol addiction, Sotomayor writes, “For all the anguish he caused, I knew with certainty that he loved us. Those aren’t thing you can measure or weigh. You can’t say: This much love is worth this much misery. They’re not revers that cancel each other out; they’re both true at the same time” (85 ). What does she imply by this, and how does it affect the ways she understands the principle of neighborhood?

5. Why does Sotomayor believe both designs and coaches are needed? What does each contribute that is different from the other?

6. In Chapter Thirteen, Sotomayor describes finding official logic in a philosophy course. She writes, “I viewed beauty in it. […] I was impressed that something so mathematically pure and abstract might transform into human persuasion, into words with the power to change people’s minds” (123 ). In spite of her reasonable nature and love for reasoning, why does Sotomayor think they are not constantly sufficient to convince? What does she believe emotional appeals do that reason and logic can not?

7. Talk about Sotomayor’s motivation for writing her book and how it connects to mentoring.

8. Using three examples from My Precious World, explain what books indicate to Sotomayor and how they helped form her life.

9. When explaining the legal field, Sotomayor says, “The law for me was not a career however a vocation” (277 ). Talk about how the two differ according to Sotomayor and why she calls law her occupation.

10. Sotomayor describes her cousin Nelson as “my soul’s twin, my smarter half, when signed up with to me at the hip” (275 ). Why does Sotomayor tell his story, and what does she have that enables her to withstand the temptations he succumbed to?

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