My Beloved World Chapter 16 Summary

My Cherished World Chapter 16 Summary

Each week, Abuelita sends out a dollar expense wrapped in a napkin, which Sotomayor says is “no small thing, for her or for me” (152 ). Kevin checks out frequently from SUNY Stony Brook, where he participates in college, and Celina check outs once or twice a year. On one go to, she brings Junior, Kevin, her cousin Charlie, and his girlfriend. With hotels too pricey, they have a pajama party in Sotomayor’s room then escape the lunchroom’s dull food for a reasonably-priced Chinese restaurant ten miles away that will end up being a favorite.

During her first year, she returns home for midterm break to discover Celina panicking “in the lasts of getting her nursing degree” (153 ). She is horrified of the English writing requirement and asks Sotomayor to write her paper for her. Sotomayor refuses but promises to review whatever Celina writes. Her mom’s final examinations are an even worse “torture” (154 ). She is filled with insecurities and doubts, persuaded she will stop working. Sotomayor bets her an airplane ticket to Puerto Rico that she will pass, another use of reverse psychology.

Celina passes all her qualified examinations on her first shot, an uncommon event. In the fall, Sotomayor becomes worried when she does not speak with Abuelita for 2 weeks in a row. Her mother admits that Abuelita has actually been hospitalized with ovarian cancer, found at an innovative stage due to the fact that she had actually stopped opting for her regular check-ups. Sotomayor wishes to return home instantly, however Celina tells her to wait up until Christmas break, just a few weeks away. By the time Sotomayor arrives, Abuelita is “delirious and hallucinating” (155 ). Household crowds her health center room until Christmas Eve.

As it starts to snow, everybody scatters, leaving just Sotomayor and her cousin Charlie. They choose to get a small Christmas tree for Abuelita’s room. As they stroll the snowy streets, they share stories about Abuelita they heard or experienced. Charlie tells her that when Abuelita was twelve, her parish priest acknowledged her capability to recover individuals of “unclean spirit [s] and “psychological conditions” (156 ). Even those who could not be cured “discovered peace in her presence” (156 ). Charlie has “complete faith in Abuelita’s spiritual powers,” though Sotomayor is “too rational for that” (156 ).

Back in Abuelita’s room, Charlie tries to feed her Jell-O-O, however she refuses. She takes a look at Sotomayor and states “Angelina,” her long-dead sister’s name. Charlies leaves the space, and Abuelita asks Sotomayor for a cigarette. Sotomayor tells her she can not smoke in the hospital, however Abuelita insists. She takes one puff, then “the life left her face” (157 ). Sotomayor hugs her then shouts for a nurse. At the funeral service, Charlie blames himself for bringing a Christmas tree into her space: the previous year, Abuelita had informed him she would not live to see another Christmas.

Sotomayor’s cousin Nelson, now a heroin addict, concerns the funeral service, but the cousins, who have actually not spoken in 3 years, do not connect. In the weeks after Abuelita’s death, Sotomayor comes to comprehend her grandmother’s sorrow after Juli’s death, saying, “A piece of me perilously close to my heart has been cut off” (158 ). She realizes Abuelita passed away in the exact same healthcare facility where Sotomayor was born. Many years later, she still hears her voice sometimes and feels Abuelita still protects her.

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