My Beloved World Chapter 12 Summary

My Beloved World Chapter 12 Summary

Midway through Sotomayor’s freshman year of high school, Celina moves the household to Co-op City, “Siberia in the Bronx” (110 ). It was still under construction when the household moved there. Bronxdale has actually become riddled with gangs, drugs, and arson, and Celina desires a much safer area for her children. Dr. Fisher made the relocation possible by leaving the family $5,000 in his will. The rest of their extended family ultimately joins them, including Titi Aurora, who relocates with Celina’s household, perhaps to include more monitoring for the teenagers.

The home continues to act as a “favorite hangout” amongst Sotomayor’s friends (114 ). She befriends Marguerite Gudewicz, a half-German and half-Polish lady whose mother hid Jews in World War II Germany. In their communities, marriage between a Pole and a German is “practically miscegenation” (115 ). Though Marguerite’s daddy is prejudiced versus Puerto Ricans, he defends Sotomayor when someone calls her by a racial epithet. In her new, more flourishing neighborhood of individuals representing “every imaginable background,” her “psychological world” expands (116 ).

She sees both the differences and similarities amongst them. At school, Sotomayor’s “intellectual horizons” expand parallel to her emotional life in Co-op City. Miss Katz, her history instructor, motivates trainees to “master abstract, conceptual thinking,” not simply rote memorization, and to believe seriously about history (117 ). Though Jewish, Miss Katz teaches at a Catholic School because she was motivated by the priests and nuns she satisfied in Latin America, who put their lives in risk to help the bad.

She describes Sotomayor’s parish priest, Daddy Athanasius, in similar terms. Sotomayor had actually not recognized what “an epic existence” the priest is beyond the pulpit (117 ). He is a tenants-rights supporter in Abuelita’s area who strolls the streets with a baseball bat, works out “with gangs and property owners,” and works to remodel buildings “abandoned or gutted by arson” as inexpensive real estate (117 ). At school, Sotomayor is not considered attractive.

She feels “like everybody’s 2nd option” and is caught “off guard” when Kevin Noonan makes her “feel attractive in such a way that” feels “brand-new” and “not unwanted” (119 ). They go to Manhattan for their very first date, and he reveals her his favorite areas. They end up being “inseparable” (120 ). He enjoys reading as much as she does, and they spend their time together at her home studying, enjoying tv, taking walks, or reading together. However, his mom has a hard time to accept Sotomayor. After she introduces him to Abuelita, their relationship becomes main, and both families anticipate them to wed.

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