My Beloved Teacher

My Beloved Teacher

Subject: The person that you admire If you ask some teens: “Who do you appreciate? “, much of them will address your concern by showing their love to some vocalists, actors or popular individuals. But if you ask me that concern, I will answer happily: “The person that I appreciate the most is my English instructor, who’s simply normal to many people but extremely special to me”. His name is Tuan. He taught me English when I remained in secondary school. He’s referred to as the best English teacher in my hometown.

Not only does he have a large understanding of English and however he also understands how to impart his understanding to trainees in an interesting and quickly reasonable method. He makes finding out English less difficult. That’s why many trainees, including me, appreciate him and enjoy his English class so much. However, I admire him for not just his knowledge but likewise his personality. I have to say that, never have I fulfilled such an enthusiastic instructor like him.

He thinks of teaching and trainees all the time. He pertains to class no matter sun or rain. Even if it’s an additional class, he will try his best to come to teach students. He doesn’t want any students to spend a lot of effort and time without attaining high results. I keep in mind one time, he was ill, and he still came to class in spite of his partner’s avoidance, just because we were going to take a test. He had a heat, he was really tired, but he still came for us.

We were all grateful to him for what he had actually offered us. It wasn’t just knowledge, it was love. When I had to stand between 2 hard options: to go to Ha Noi to study or not, it was him, too who provided me the right and genuine advice. Lastly, I simply want to validate my love and appreciation for Mr. Tuan, who inspired me, who made me fall in love with English. I really admire him for that, for having actually been an excellent example and giving me the encouragement. He’s just like the sun, to me.

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